June 12 X 12 Update


I wanted to post this 12 x 12 update last week, but my computer decided to misbehave and I couldn’t use it until we returned from vacation and hubby had the tools to fix it. Now, the laptop is right as rain and I’m catching up on things.

In June, I decided to write Easter Bunny Socks. While I did complete it, the idea wouldn’t come easily and I almost gave up. I’m still not thrilled with the draft. I’ll have to type it on the computer and see what the critique group thinks of it.

For July, I’m scheduled to write Happy Valentine’s Day, Not!, which is about a girl who tries to avoid the boy who gave her a Valentine’s Day card, at least until he saves her from the class bully. I haven’t started it yet, and I think this will be a tough month with everything else that is going on. We’ll see what happens.

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