From the Family Bookshelf – July


Both the Lil’ Diva and the Lil’ Princess enrolled in the summer reading program at our local library. They have slowly been plugging away at their books. While we were on vacation, they read a tiny bit, but honestly, by the time the day was done they were too tuckered out to read much. Thankfully, the Outer Banks is filled with history, so the places we visited helped them expand their horizons and kept them learning.

Together, the girls and I finished Eight Keys by Suzanne LaFleur and we’re almost done with Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. The Lil’ Princess finished Mallory and Mary Ann Take New York by Laurie B. Friedman for school, then completed Heidi Heckelbeck Gets Glasses by Wanda Coven for her first book of the summer reading program. She’s currently reading Hank Zipzer: Niagra Falls, or Does It? by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver. We loved the most recent book in this series, so she decided to start from the beginning. She’s also reading MacKenzie Blue: The Secret Crush by Tina Wells and borrowed Mackenzie Blue: Mixed Messages as her next book. The Lil’ Diva read Nobody’s Secret by Michaela MacColl right before school let out for the summer. Now she’s reading Skary Children – And The Carousel of Sorrow by Katy Towell, with Prada & Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard and Messenger by Lois Lowry waiting in the wings.

Thanks to vacation, Dad was finally able to polish off A Light in Zion, the fourth book of the Zion Chronicles by Bodie and Brock Thoene. Not sure what he’s reading next, but I’m sure with his work schedule it will take him months to finish another book.

As for me, I’m still playing catch up with all the book reviews I owe people. Here’s what I’ve read since my last post:

Natural Treatment Solutions for Hyperthyrodism & Grave’s Disease by Eric Osansky
Anasazi Intrigue  by Linda Weaver Clarke
The Brotherhood by Jerry Jenkins
What a Wonderful World! by Suzanne Chiew
Hands Off My Honey! by Jane Chapman
Help! For Writers by Roy Peter Clark
Goodbye is Forever by Mary Jean Kelso
Hug! by Ben Mantle
Peek-a-boo! by Ben Mantle
It’s Spring Time! by Elizabeth Bennette
You Can’t Take the Dinosaur Home by Mary Esparza-Vela
Splish, Splash, Splosh! by David Melling
Tremolo: cry of the loon by Aaron Paul Lazar

I’m reading The Queen’s Vow (historical fiction) by C.W. Gortner right now and am almost done with Strong Rain Falling by Jon Land, which I am scheduled to review next month at The Book Connection.

That’s it for this edition of From the Family Bookshelf. Happy reading!

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