Celebrate Earth Day with Resources from PBS KIDS

Earth Day is celebrated around the world annually on April 22. PBS KIDS recognizes that it’s important to teach little ones about the changes around us and the importance of protecting nature, too. Here are some resources to nurture learning outside the classroom:

  • How do you celebrate Earth Day? Get inspired with 15 ways to celebrate Earth Day with kids.
  • These PBS KIDS Explore the Outdoors hubs feed kids’ curiosity about nature, animals, and the changes that come with warmer months.  
  • What does ‘recycle’ mean? Learn about turning something old into something new with Daniel Tiger.
  • ‘Nature is Our Neighbor’ is a catchy Wild Kratts original–filled with fun visuals and easy ways for everyone to pitch in and save our planet! 
  • Want to learn more about composting? Elinor Wonders Why shows us what the compost cycle is all about here
  • As busy routines pick back up, this article shares a handful of reminders of why getting outside can be so special to slow down as a family.

Check out PBS KIDS for Parents to find more helpful resources.

Celebrate National Encourage a Young Writer Day on April 10th

National Encourage a Young Writer Day is celebrated on April 10th. To encourage little ones to put pen to paper, PBS KIDS is sharing activities and resources that get the creative juices flowing. 

Children learn to read and write when they are shown by example. When my girls were little, I spent days in the classroom holding writing workshops or participating as a mystery reader.

Unsure where to get the creative process started? Here are some activities below for any age:

PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS for Parents offer free access to media content and community-based experiences that support learning for young children. 

Captain Courage’s Superhero Boot Camp by Stacey Marshall

Captain Courage returns in Captain Courage’s Superhero Boot Camp by Stacey Marshall.

When Principal Magico rips off his bow tie and twirls around, he becomes Captain Courage, who is eager and happy to help the students of Blythe Elementary School. He hurries Shannon Shusher, Closed-mouth Clyde, and Skinny Maroo into the super-classroom where they learn how to be proud, use their voice power, and do something positive for others.

This latest installment in Marshall’s Captain Courage series empowers kids to become more confident in their public speaking and presentation skills. This zany story, filled with colorful and engaging illustrations by artist Michelle Morse, is a fun and unintimidating way for young people to explore ways to face their fears.

Coming soon!

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I received a free digital ARC of this book from the publisher. This review contains my honest opinions, which I have not been compensated for in any way.

PBS Resources to Help Celebrate Women’s History Month

March 8 is International Women’s Day and the month of March is Women’s History Month. PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS for Parents offers resources and activities for little ones to learn about strong women and the importance of gender equality.

  • In PBS KIDS for Parents’ “How to Raise a Self Confident Girl,” Katie Hurley arms caregivers with a guide to nurture girls’ self-confidence 
  • Check out these tips to encourage girls in STEM
  • Join Xavier Riddle and friends in meeting strong females throughout history, including the first American woman to go to space, Sally Ride
  • This book list, perfect for ages 3 to 9, is filled with stories featuring girls from different cultures and backgrounds, exploring how dreams can lead to lifelong learnings
  • Help young girls lead with courage, through the guide “How to Raise a Leader,” which teaches new skills and recommends volunteering with the community as one of many ways parents can help raise strong women.

PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS for Parents is here to help you honor strong women throughout history.