Mr. Ginger and the Disappearing Fish by Chris Wardle

 The fifth and final installment of the Mr Tinfish series will definitely remind you of why you love the series in the first place.

The tremendous amount of noise caused by the recent arrival of hundreds of seabirds has Mr. Choli up in arms. He’s determined to bring this issue before Mr. Vinegar and get a stop put to this immediately.

Mr. Ginger, on the other hand, is more concerned with the problem of disappearing fish. While this is the reason all the birds have come to rest near the river at Daphne Wood, the other problem is that he certainly can’t cook all his delightful and interesting meals without a fish supply.

Mr. Vinegar is more concerned about what the birds’ roosting is doing to his roof. Something must be done!

As everyone in Daphne Wood rises to another challenge, Mr. Ginger gets to try a new adventure, William Tinfish comes up with a new idea, and Mr. Vinegar is shocked over new developments.

They say all good things must come to an end, but I am certainly sad to know that I won’t have any more books in the Mr. Tinfish series to read. In this engaging final installment, the hundreds of seabirds looking for food have come to the river of Daphne Wood. Not only are they loud, there certainly isn’t going to be enough fish for everyone if they stick around.

But the larger problem is that the fish don’t seem to like the change in the ocean currents. The warmer waters, which Daphne the polar bear isn’t fond of, aren’t liked by the fish either. So, the fish moved to a new location, causing a shortage of a very necessary food supply for many of the residents of Daphne Wood.

In Mr. Ginger and the Disappearing Fish, readers find much of what they have enjoyed in the earlier books in the series:  the kooky characters whose quirks make for many funny moments; the cooperation amongst all the members of Daphne Wood to meet the challenges climate changes bring upon them; and the numerous expeditions that include some interesting communications between the expedition teams and Mr. Vinegar.

I found the addition of the seabirds in this book to make for some great conversations and situations. Wardle knows exactly what he needs to do to move this story along . There is never a moment when the reader isn’t eager to turn the pages. Despite the fact that this book is dealing with a very serious issue, Wardle continues to find a way to get young people thinking, while providing them with an enjoyable read.

If I remember correctly, Wardle is also the one who draws the illustrations for Mr. Ginger and the Disappearing Fish, and the other books in the Mr. Tinfish series. I would  love to have some of these drawings framed on the wall of my office. I could also see a nursery decorated with the animals of Daphne Wood.

While Mr. Ginger and the Disappearing Fish brings the story of Daphne Wood’s zany residents to an end, I like how Wardle left them. I could see some Daphne Wood short stories coming out of this. Perhaps if I beg, the author will give us another book to enjoy.

Rating:  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Mr. Ginger and the Disappearing Fish by Chris Wardle

  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks for some great reviews.

    It is a shame that we’ve come to the end of the current Tinfish series. As I’m sure you’ve spotted I’ve pretty much covered most of the possible natural disasters worthy of our resident environmental detective – Mr. Choli, and so any future adventures would have to take a very different theme. Who knows, someday a new and exciting adventure may present itself…
    (I’ve have pondered the idea of a Mr. Ginger cookbook – but not sure anyone would actually want to cook any of his recipes…)

    I like the decorating idea. Mr. Choli wallpaper will have to be my next project. The real Mr. Choli of course is very talented at artistic claw mark designs on the back of the sofa, so it may be possible to incorporate official Choli-damaged furniture into the merchandising as well. After the tour I plan to use reviews to approach publishers to see if I can extend beyond the on-line self-publishing market and so I will have to point out the the opportunities to branch out into designer furniture as well.

    I’m very glad you enjoyed the last two books.Your reviews have brought a very successful November tour to a fantastic finish.

    best regards

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