PiBoIdMo 2010 – Idea #26

I’m a day late in posting this, as today I had my first book signing for Little Shepherd and I was busy last night and all of today.  The book signing was fun. I am going to try to get at least one more in before Christmas.

But now, onto Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo). It’s hard to believe it is almost over.

Idea #26

A Shoe’s Journey

I couldn’t come up with a good title, so this one will have to do. This is the story of shoe from its humble beginnings in the factory, to a store shelf, and then into a boy’s closet. Maybe the shoe has eyes and a mouth and speaks to the reader as he tells his story of everything he has been through.

Not the best idea, but I think it could work after some additional thought.

Want to learn more about PiBoIdMo? Visit http://taralazar.wordpress.com/.

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2 thoughts on “PiBoIdMo 2010 – Idea #26

  1. So you like this one? I do, I’m just not sure if I can make it work; though if I use some of the same emotions kids would have over traveling to different places that might be good.

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