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It’s been a little while since I’ve posted at Christian Children’s Authors. I come back talking about waiting on God’s timing. Please visit and leave your thoughts at



My virtual book tour for Macaroni and Cheese for Thanksgiving continues today. You can find me at two places:

Tuesday, December 6 – Guest Blogging at Dear Reader, Love Author
Tuesday, December 6 – Book Featured at As the Page Turns

Macaroni and Cheese for Thanksgiving VBT Starts Today!



My virtual book tour for Macaroni and Cheese for Thanksgiving starts today. You can find me at two places:

Monday, December 5 – Interview at Over the Rainbow Book Reviews

Monday, December 5 – Book Featured at The Writer’s Life

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Blogging at Christian Children’s Authors: Wayward Children

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It’s the third Friday of the month, so I am blogging at Christian Children’s Authors. Hope you’ll visit my article, “How Did a Good Christian Parent Like Me End Up With a Wayward Child?” You can find it at

Blogging at Christian Children’s Authors – Back to Basics and Being Consistent



I missed a week this past month, but now I am back to blogging at Christian Children’s Authors. Want to see how I connected real estate with nurturing a relationship with God? Check out my post at 

2016 Writing Goal Review – First Quarter



It’s hard to believe that the first quarter of 2016 is almost done. Where did it go?

As is typical for me, I review my goals once a quarter to gauge my progress and make any necessary adjustments. Here are the goals I sent at the end of December:

  • Complete Amelia’s Mission by December 31, 2016.
  • Continue to attend critique group twice a month.
  • Edit The Sisterhood.

So, where do I stand now?

  • Only one chapter has been written since the end of December, but it’s a good one. Amelia is off at Elms Academy where Aunt Martha banished her after she disobeyed her strict aunt one too many times. There she meets new people–some nice and some not so nice. I like how this story is developing.
  • I’m attending critique group twice a month, but might need to cut back to once a month. The spring real estate market is very busy and I am gone many evenings, so being home one extra night a month will make a difference to the family.
  • I dug out The Sisterhood and brought it with me to the last two critique group meetings; mostly because I hadn’t written the next chapter of Amelia’s story, but also because I think it deserves some attention. It definitely needs extensive revisions, but the overall idea is strong.

What other projects are there in the hopper? I have numerous written picture books looking for homes:

A New Home – Three abandoned kittens search for a new place to live.

Crabby Cathy is about a mean bully who bothers Amy until she discovers why Cathy behaves the way she does and works on befriending her.

Everybody’s Home for Christmas – Rachel is sad her father is stationed overseas during the holidays and prays for a Christmas miracle.

The Real Cinderella Story – A snarky story by one of Cinderella’s stepsisters. I love this one! Looking for a home for it.

Beatrice and the Dinosaur – First book in a series. Needs some polishing, but it is about a girl and her imaginary friend who go on adventures together. In this one, Beatrice and Charlotte imagine Dad’s lawn mower is a dinosaur.

Beatrice and the Polar Bear – The second book in the series finds Beatrice and Charlotte being chased by a polar bear (Dad’s snow blower). This one also needs a bit of polishing.


Searching for Popularity is what I had started as a middle grade/young adult memoir. I think the story would be better as a novel so once some other projects are completed I will tackle this one.

A Shepherd’s Journey is a Christian novel for the adult market. It tells the story of Obed, who seeks out the apostles after the Resurrection to learn if Jesus is the Messiah he met when he was just a boy living outside of Bethlehem.

Looks like I have more than enough to keep me busy. How about you? Have you set some writing goals for this year? Do you review your goals on a regular basis? What is one story idea you have that is begging to be written?