Chronicle Books 2nd Annual Happy Haulidays Giveaway!

Last year, Chronicle Books–one of my favorite publishers–started the Happy Haulidays Giveaway. This year, they have made it even bigger and better, giving bloggers, commenters, and charities a chance to win $500 worth of their books! There are also ways to increase your chances of winning.

To read all the details, please visit: You must enter by December 2nd in order to be eligible.

Here is the stash of books on my list:

Christmas Scratchers by Eric Golden for $9.95

Eddie Van Halen by Neil Zlozower with a foreward by Slash (great present for the hubby) $29.95

Follow the Star by Andy Mansfield (present for our little nephew, nicknamed The Little Olive) $19.99

Holiday Crafting and Baking with Kids by Jessica Strand, photos by Aimee Herring $19.95 (The girls and I love to craft and bake together.)

Ivy and Bean Paper Doll Set by Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall (The Lil Princess is a huge Ivy & Bean fan.) $14.99

The Story of Christmas by Pamela Dalton (text based on the King James Version) $17.99

Girl in the Kitchen: How a Top Chef Cooks, Thinks, Shops, Eats, and Drinks by Stephanie Izard with Heather Shouse, photos by Dan Goldberg $29.95 (Okay, this one’s for me. :))

Botanicals Notebook Collection by Rifle Paper Co. (Great gifts for any lady on your list.) $12.95

Botanicals Stationery Collection by Rifle Paper Co. (Did I mention this would make a great gift? :)) $14.95

Ivy and Bean What’s the Big Idea? by Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall $5.99

One Love by Cedella Marley, based on the music of Bob Marley $16.99

Boo The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog by J.H. Lee, photos by Gretchen LeMaistre  (The Lil Diva would go crazy for this one.) $12.95

Brainjuice: American History, Fresh Squeezed! by Carol Diggory Shields, Illustrated by Richard Thompson $7.95

Brainjuice: Science, Fresh Squeezed! by Carol Diggory Shields, Illustrated by Richard Thompson $14.95

52 Amazing Science Experiments by Lynn Gordon,Illustrations by Karen Johnson (Don’t think I like science. I really don’t. The kids dig it, though, so I should be happy.) $6.95

From last year’s list I would still like:

Lincoln in 3-D: Amazing and Rare Steroscopic Photographs of His Life and Times by Bob Zeller,and John J. Richter,Prologue by Harold Holzer $35.00 (I’m a Civil War buff.)

The Little Book of Saints  $19.95

Deadgame by Kirk Russell $13.95

Shell Games by Kirk Russell $23.95

Christmas with Rita and Whatsit by Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignod,Illustrated by Olivier Tallec $14.99

The Circus Horse: Horse Crazy Book 2 by Alison Lester, Illustrated by Roland Harvey(I read the first book and loved it.) $4.99

The Sea Rescue: Horse Crazy Book 3 by Alison Lester, Illustrated by Roland Harvey (Did I tell you I already love this series?) $4.99

The Royal Show: Horse Crazy Book 4 by Alison Lester, Illustrated by Roland Harvey $4.99

Ivy and Bean Bound to Be Bad by Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall $5.99

The Ivy and Bean Secret Treasure Box: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, and a Cool Secret Surprise by Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall $19.99

Nana Cracks the  Case! by Kathleen Lane, Concept by Cabell Harris, Illustrations by Sarah Horne (We read Nana Takes the Reins this year. Very funny!) $14.99

The World’s Greatest: Poems by J. Patrick Lewis,Illustrated by Keith Graves (The Lil Diva loves poetry.) $16.99

The Whitby Witches by Robin Jarvis (Both girls would love this one.) $17.95

Pocket Cash by Jim Marshall,Introduction by John Carter Cash,,with essays by Kris Kristofferson,and Billy Bob Thornton $19.95

D.I.Y. Delicious: Recipes and Ideas for Simple Food from Scratchy Vanessa Barrington, Photos by Sara Remington $24.95

If I can still add–which is debatable considering the early snowstorm, lack of heat and power, sewer water in my basement, and fallen trees–that comes to $480.07.

As for my charity, I choose the Wilbraham Public Library. As a writer, I have to perform research for my books and market research to find agents and publishers to which to submit my projects. The WPL has been an invaluable resource over the past few months. I would especially like to mention Children’s Librarian Elaine Wrubel, and Asst. Child Librarian/Early Childhood Specialist Heidi Kane, both of whom went digging into the basement storage to find books for me. They’ve been truly wonderful.


Earth Day Guest Post and Giveaway: One Pelican at a Time by Nancy Stewart

Today, I welcome bestselling author Nancy Stewart. Her children’s picture book, One Pelican at a Time, is an Amazon bestseller, and has spent time on their Hot New Releases list and their Most Wished For list in kid’s books. This is the first US children’s book to address the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of April 20,2010. “The book features Bella and Britt and their heroic efforts to save their friend, the old crooked beak pelican, whom they’ve known all their lives. ”

Earth Day: A Billion Acts of Green
by Nancy Stewart

I’m old enough to remember when Earth Day was a joke. It was. As teachers, many of us said, “Oh, yeah. Earth Day. I’d better do something, I guess.” Not anymore. Earth Day has a global platform and big teeth. And it should. Caring for our planet is no laughing matter. It is a deadly serious concern.

Earth Day, founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson, was first organized in 1970 to promote ecology and respect for life on the planet. It has come a long way from then with one hundred forty countries around the globe participating this year. And counting. Earth Day, very much like Earth Hour, has taken on a life of its own.

So what in the world can we do to help? The smallest thing adds up to a billion acts of green! I’ve pledge to not use plastic bags, to using cold water in the washing machine and to using earth friendly cleaning products. We’ve changed all light bulbs to save electricity, and they are turned off when leaving a room. I remind students when doing a book signing that turning off a light helps save a polar bear!

But it’s more than these things, isn’t it? Helping save our planet is really a state of mind. It’s being in the flow of good ecology every day, even every minute. And soon, it’s a way of life. Living this state of mind will help save all our lives and the lives of those to come, our children and our grandchildren. What better ongoing gift can we give to anyone than a sustainable, green and whole planet? Oh, and it’s not, of course, just April 22. It’s every day, every minute for the rest of our lives.

After having been an elementary school teacher, a management consultant with New Options, Inc. in New York City and a university professor of education, Nancy Stewart now writes children’s books full time. She, her husband and three sons, lived in London for eight years, where she was a consultant to several universities, including Cambridge.

Nancy travels extensively throughout the world, most particularly Africa. She is the US chair of a charity in Lamu, Kenya, that places girls in intermediate schools to allow them to further their education.

Nancy is the author of One Pelican at a Time and two other Bella books: Bella Saves the Beach and Sea Turtle Summer, soon to be published by Guardian Angel Publishers. Nancy will be a presenter at the Illinois Reading Council Conference on March 17, 2011.

She and her family live in St. Louis and Clearwater Beach, Florida.

You can visit Nancy online at or her blog at

Ready for your chance to win a copy of One Pelican at a Time?


The author is giving away a paperback copy of One Pelican at a Time to one lucky reader. Here are the details on how you can enter and win:

1) Leave a comment with your email address (so we can contact you if you win). You are not eligible if you don’t leave an email address.

2) BONUS ENTRY: Become my friend on Facebook (+1).  

3) BONUS ENTRY:  Follow me on Twitter (+1).

4) BONUS ENTRY: Become Nancy’s friend on Facebook (+1).

5) BONUS ENTRY: Follow Nancy on Twitter (+1).

6)  Each entry must have its own comment in order to be counted.

7) Giveaway is limited to people 18 years and older who reside in the United States or Canada.

Deadline to enter is 11:59 PM Eastern on Sunday, May 8, 2011. Winner will be selected from all eligible entries by Prize will be shipped directly from the author to the winner. The Children’s and Teens’ Book Connection is not responsible for lost or damaged goods.

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Happy Haul-idays with Chronicle Books–Our Chance to Win!

Celebrate the Haul-idays with Chronicle Books. I’ve been reviewing titles for Chronicle Books for some time now. I have to admit I’ve never come across a bad one in the bunch.  They are running a fabulous giveaway this season that you’re certainly going to want to take advantage of.

I am posting a list of Chronicle Books titles I would like to win valued up to $500. One lucky blogger will win their entire list of books. You’ll find my list below.

But hold on, because that’s not all. You’re going to have a chance to win this list of books also. One lucky person who comments here has the opportunity to win my list, so be sure you check in here and leave a comment. If you go to the Happy Haul-idays page at the Chronicle Books website, which you’ll find at, you’ll find more blogs and more chances to win.

Visit their Official Rules page for more information at

Here is my list. All prices are rounded to the nearest dollar.

Lincoln in 3-D: Amazing and Rare Steroscopic Photographs of His Life and Times $35 (I’m a Civil War buff),book-info/store,books/products_id,8886/title,Lincoln-in-3-D/

Mama’s Book of Little Lifesavers: 394 Ways to Save Your Time, Money, and Sanity $15,book-info/store,books/products_id,9156/title,Mamas-Big-Book-of-Little-Lifesavers/

The Little Book of Saints $20,book-info/store,books/products_id,9196/title,The-Little-Book-of-Saints/

Deadgame $24,book-info/store,books/products_id,5147/title,deadgame/

Night Game $24,book-info/store,books/products_id,4407/path,1-10-197/title,Night-Game/

Shell Games $10,book-info/store,books/products_id,4407/path,1-10-197/title,Night-Game/

Secret Lives of Great Authors: What Your Teachers Never Told You About Famous Novelists, Poets, and Playwrights $17,book-info/store,books/products_id,7332/path,1-10-68/title,Secret-Lives-of-Great-Authors/

Secret Lives of the Civil War: What Your Teachers Never Told You About the War Between the States $17,book-info/store,books/products_id,6627/path,1-10-68/title,Secret-Lives-of-the-Civil-War/

Breaking News: How the Associated Press Has Covered War, Peace and Everything Else $35,book-info/store,books/products_id,6588/path,1-10-68/title,Breaking-News/

Christmas with Rita and Whatsit $15,book-info/store,kids/products_id,8254/path,2-13-113/title,Christmas-with-Rita-and-Whatsit/

The Royal Show: Horse Crazy Book 4 $5,book-info/store,kids/products_id,8248/path,2-13-113/title,The-Royal-Show/

The Sea Rescue: Horse Crazy Book 3 $5,book-info/store,kids/products_id,8247/path,2-13-113/title,The-Sea-Rescue/

The Circus Horse: Horse Crazy Book 2 $5,book-info/store,kids/products_id,7947/path,2-13-113/title,The-Circus-Horse/

Ivy and Bean: Bound to Be Bad $6,book-info/store,kids/products_id,7960/path,2-13-113/title,Ivy-and-Bean-Bound-to-Be-Bad/

The Ivy and Bean Secret Treasure Box: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, and a Cool Secret Surprise $20,book-info/store,kids/products_id,7696/path,2-13-113/title,The-Ivy-and-Bean-Secret-Treasure-Box/

Ivy and Bean Take Care of the Babysitter $6,book-info/store,kids/products_id,7768/path,2-13-113/title,Ivy-and-Bean-Take-Care-of-the-Babysitter/

Nana Cracks the  Case! $15,book-info/store,kids/products_id,7948/path,2-13-114/title,Nana-Cracks-the-Case/ 

The World’s Greatest: Poems $17,book-info/store,kids/products_id,7181/path,2-13-114/title,The-Worlds-Greatest-Poems/

The Whitby Witches $18,book-info/store,kids/products_id,6103/path,2-13-114/title,The-Whitby-Witches/

The Story of the Treasure Seekers $15,book-info/store,kids/products_id,6122/path,2-13-115/title,The-Story-of-the-Treasure-Seekers/

Pocket Cash $20,book-info/store,books/products_id,8928/title,Pocket-Cash/

D.I.Y. Delicious $25,book-info/store,books/products_id,8896/title,D.I.Y.-Delicious/

Contest ends at 11:59 PM (ET) on December 14, 2010.

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Tweet for Literacy Giveways – Official Winners as of November 14, 2009


Our Motto: “The family that reads together has a lot of fun!”

The Tweet for Literacy Giveaway is a campaign designed to raise awareness of the importance of involving the whole family in a child’s reading activities. Tweet for Literacy will be giving away literacy-related prizes every two days throughout the month of November in honor of National Family Literacy Month. Help a child to read, and let the fun begin!


PRIZE PACKAGE ONE – @sixcents_aw

PRIZE PACKAGE TWO – @halfbluesky


PRIZE PACKAGE FOUR – @Carolynishis

Get a sneak peek at the Grand Prize, which will be drawn on December 1, 2009 and is worth $600 by clicking here!

Check back daily for new prizes to be announced.

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