Video Trailer for Macaroni and Cheese for Thanksgiving and VBT Day 4

Check out the video trailer I created for my latest book, Macaroni and Cheese for Thanksgiving. 



You can purchase from the following websites:

Guardian Angel Publishing:





On the fourth day of my virtual book tour, you can find me in two places:

Book review at The Blended Blog

Interview at Literarily Speaking

Video Trailer for The Crypto-Capers

Back when Renee Hand toured with Pump Up Your Book Promotion to discuss her new interactive children’s detective series, The Crypto-Capers, I created a video trailer to help promote these great books.  You’ll find reviews of Book 1 and Book 2 on this blog. 

You can visit Renee online at her website or check out her new Crypto-Capers blog.  I believe a new Crypto-Capers book is due out sometime in the fall.

Video Trailer for Across the Pond by Storyheart

Across the PondSomeone drew my attention to a promotional video for Across the Pond by Storyheart. Across the Pond is a teen romance between Fred, a boy visiting the United States from England, and Brittany, whose parents are entrusted with Fred’s care while he is in the States.

We reviewed this title here.

One of the things that can be most challenging about book promotion is to find a unique angle. Barry Eva, the writer known as Storyheart, did just that when he created this silent movie video trailer to promote Across the Pond. It looks like he got some help from his family.

Check it out!

Video Trailer for The Pyewiz and The Amazing Mobile Phone

Back in May, Herbert Howard Jones went on a virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion to let readers know all about his young adult fantasy novel, The Pyewiz and The Amazing Mobile Phone.

Below you will find the video trailer I created for Herbert’s book.  Here is more information about The Pyewiz and The Amazing Mobile Phone:


Journey to a frozen planet to find a long lost twin. An amazing crystal phone with incredible powers. A cunning old pirate wizard who must be stopped.

Schoolboy Terry Mctrain thinks the new tenant in his parent’s guesthouse is strange. Stranger still is the reason why she is here. Then Terry learns about a twin brother he never knew he had, kidnapped by a pirate wizard years ago. Baffled by all this, Terry realizes there’s a mystery to be solved, and a secret to be uncovered. But when he discovers that the fate of the world is also in his hands, he wonders..

Could this turn into the adventure of a lifetime?

Perhaps, but unless Terry and his friend Will travel to the other side of the solar system to solve this puzzle, there’s a danger that the world would be destroyed, and his twin brother lost forever.

You can visit Herbert online at