Vacation Time Reading

Well, I’m packing up for the Outer Banks, and as usual, I am bringing a ton of books with me. Thankfully, this year I have the Kindle so my bag will be lighter and less bulky.

Here’s what I’ll be reading while we’re away:

  • Lingering Spirit by Marilyn Meredith
  • The Last Operative by Jerry B. Jenkins
  • Keeping the Wolves at Bay Media Training  by Jonathan Bernstein
  • Beautiful Malice by Rebecca James
  • Plan B by Steven Verrier (this review will appear at this blog)
  • Bowdancer III: Warrior Women by Janie Franz (providing back cover blurb)
  • When Love Ends and the Ice Cream Carton is Empty by Jackie Johnson
  • Healing with Words: A Writer’s Cancer Journey by  Diana M. Raab
  • Harvest Moon by Chastity Bush
  • Reservations by Elysabeth Eldering (this review will appear at this blog)
  • Evenings on Dark Island by Rhett DeVane & Larry Rock

Unless noted, these reviews will appear at my main blog, The Book Connection

I hope you have a great couple of weeks. I’ll try to post at least once while we’re away.

Thank you for all your support!