#PBPitch on Twitter October 26


Artwork from the PBPitch website


I can’t believe I almost forgot. This Thursday, October 26 is the next PBPitch Twitter event. I’ve participated a couple of times. It’s neat. You pitch your idea on Twitter using the #PBPitch hashtag. If an agent or editor favorites your pitch, you check their website for submission guidelines (follow them to the letter) and then submit your manuscript to them.

Rules (copied from their website)
*Pitch your PBs on twitter using #PBPitch.
*Pitch manuscripts only ONCE in the morning and ONCE in the Evening. (Once before 2pm and once after.)
*If you are an author/illustrator, you can attach an image to your PB manuscript pitch.
*Include Subgenre # if it applies.
#NF = Nonfiction
#C= Concept
#L= Lyrical
#I= Interactive

*Only agents and editors should FAVORITE a pitch.
*If they do, check their submission guidelines (and do your research) before submitting to them.

I am participating again this year because I have a handful of picture books that still don’t have a home yet. Anyone else here participating? Good luck to all!

Tweet for Literacy Adds Prizes for Twitter Party December 1!

In honor of National Family Literacy Month, the Tweet for Literacy campaign is extending not only throughout the month of November, but through December 1st, too.

Our Motto: “The family that reads together has a lot of fun!”

On December 1st, at 6pm CT, we’re going to award the Grand Prize Package, worth $700. That’s right, the Grand Prize Package is now worth $700! Life coach, author, and Tweet for Literacy sponsor Sheri Kaye Hoff, is adding a personal one-hour coaching session worth $100 to the Grand Prize Package as part of her Keys to Living Joyfully book and telesummit. Click here to see the gifts included in the Grand Prize Package and to see the prizes included in today’s draw.

Twitter Party!

Our other big news is that the Tweet for Literacy sponsors are currently in the process of putting together a Twitter Party. The Twitter Party will take place for one hour–the hour before the Grand Prize drawing–from 5pm CT to 6pm CT on Tuesday, December 1st.

Every 10 minutes, a winner will be drawn from the people who are tweeting for literature (using the hashtag #Tweet4Lit and linking to a contest website–such as http://bit.ly/2P3Lgb) during that hour. Please follow all 7 sponsors in advance so you will qualify to win. Click the link above to do it quickly and easily.

Some of the prizes in the Twitter Party giveaways include 2 copies of Sheri Kaye Hoff’s Keys to Living Joyfully book and 2 literacy games.

The Twitter Party will end when the Grand Prize is drawn, and the winner of the Grand Prize will be chosen from among all entrants who have qualified since November 5.

Click here to read more about Tweet for Literacy and to enter the contest. We’re giving away a set of prizes every two days for the month of November!

Enter as often as you like. Must be at least 18 to enter and a resident of the United States.

Thank you for participating in the 1st Annual Tweet for Literacy campaign!

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