Traegonia the Ember Rune by K. S. Krueger

Welcome to The World of Traegonia where two young Traegons turn one boy’s ordinary world into something truly extraordinary. Where trees are homes, hawks are transportation, fairies exist and the creatures of the forests have their own stories to tell. Open yourself to possibility that just beyond the forest tree line a very different reality exists. 

Traegonia the Ember Rune, the second book in the Traegonia series, continues the adventures of a young boy and a community of, mystical creatures of the forest known as, Traegons. These sixteen inch tall forest dwelling creatures, that resemble a cross between a troll and a wingless dragon, are wise and inquisitive. Although, they may appear scary at first they are actually quite kind and civilized. When Dino is faced with leaving, Karia and Juna, his two young Traegon friends behind when his parents decide to go on vacation, he decides to smuggle them on board a plane to California. His family vacation turns into an adventure of a lifetime when they meet two young girls and a bold and a bit wild young Traegon named Fletch. This Northern California Mountain holds danger, mystery and a path of learning for each of these new friends.  Faced with forces of nature, a rogue cougar and the evolution of their own journeys, the group of unlikely friends must believe in themselves and each other to uncover the meaning of the Ember Rune and get off the mountain safely. New friendships are made, old ones revealed and a new community of Traegons is introduced.  Join Dino, Karia and Juna on this second exciting adventure and decide for yourself…. Do they exist?        

Do you Believe?

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Sometimes there are moments in our lives that can take us from an ordinary existence and propel us into an extraordinary series of events that will alter our lives forever. This is my story of one of those moments. Many years ago, I was just an average, ordinary kid. I had a best friend from school named Quinn. I lived in an average, ordinary, rural Midwest town with my mom and dad. My life was pretty ordinary, too, until I met Karia and Juna. They were not your average, ordinary friends; they are Traegons—young at the time like I was, and brother and sister to each other.    

Traegons are mystical creatures of the forest. The first time I saw them, I thought they resembled what I would imagine a cross between a troll and a wingless dragon might look like. Some might say Traegons are strange looking, maybe even fearsome. I guess I might have thought that, too, at first, but now that I have gotten to know them, to me they are nothing short of awesome. They are small, only about a foot and a half to two foot tall when they are full grown. They walk upright like us, but their skin is not at all like ours. It is light brown and looks somewhat like the bark of a tree. Some have many lines with deep grooves, while others are more like that of a smooth young tree. Their knuckles look a little like raised, round knots. The males have a long muzzle with a square jaw and a single, long, fang-like dark tooth that protrudes upward, from one side of their bottom jaw. They have pointed ears that stand up, curving slightly forward. Some, like Juna, have wavy white hair, and others have none. They have large hands with only three fingers and an opposable thumb. They also have broad feet with three toes. The females have much softer-looking faces, still long but with more of a pointed muzzle. Their ears are also large but lie down at the sides of their heads. They have feathers for hair, and their hands are slightly smaller than the males’, but with long, slender fingers. 

Their clothing looks to be handmade. It is natural in color, so they are able to blend into their surroundings rather easily. They wear pouches, jewelry, and other embellishments, many of which they make themselves from found items or trade for with others within their community. They are skilled and civilized. Some might even say they are more civilized than we humans are, or at least some of us. They live at peace with the Earth, each other, and all of nature. They have families just like humans do, with a mother, father, and children. They are hunters, gatherers, carpenters, artisans, herbalists, and inventors. They live in trees, underground, or anywhere they can hide and remain undiscovered. They are incredible creatures, and since I have a gift for drawing, I have filled journals with sketches of them over the years. I started the first journal on the very first day I met them. Of course I have kept all of it hidden—the journals and the Traegons—and I only share this with you now because they have given me permission to tell our story. 

There are Traegon villages out there, everywhere. I have only seen Karia and Juna’s village on a few occasions, and it was only when I was taken there by Karia through a process they call summoning. These incredible creatures do not make themselves known to everyone, so I consider myself lucky that I was one of the chosen ones. 

The first year that I met them, their village, which is located somewhere in a forest near where my family often went for picnics and weekend fishing trips, was nearly destroyed by an unscrupulous developer. He wanted to bulldoze the forest, all of it, for his own selfish reasons. We came to learn of an old Traegon prophecy which is why we were brought together. I believe it was fate, really. That was when my ordinary world became extraordinary because we realized then that we can do anything we put our hearts and minds to. We just have to believe in ourselves, in each other, and in what we wish to accomplish. 

That was just the beginning of many adventures we would have. Since then, we have become great friends. Herein is the tale of another of our amazing adventures. You may or may not believe my story, but that’s okay. Just open your mind to the possibility and decide for yourself…

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As soon as you start this novel you are in the middle of action. An old Traegonia prophecy that had brought the protagonists together was the beginning of an adventurous life for them in the process of which they learned many things in life together. There is a sweet mention of a game Track 20 which was innovatively created as a combination of hide-and-seek and Marco Polo. The game to me appears to be an initiative by the two different species to make a step forward to come closer to each other. This had been the very code of success for them in the first novel in this series. 

Every impending event in the story is foretold or sensed by someone or the other and that keeps the adventure alive in this novel. The blazing fires which scared Karia in her dreams did have a link to the looming fate that the Traegons and Dino had to face together. The cute little explanations of what California, mountains and planes are to someone who has never seen them in their life will keep the young ones pepping with curiosity. 

Oracle Blastar’s role is as always an interesting one, unveiling old mysteries and giving way to the new ones. The way he sits for a deep thought is quite amusing as karia and Juna always think that he has gone off to sleep. Such tit bits make the tale humorous and enticing. This series also has some interesting adventure on the cliffs and some tight gripping moments. 

The second series is refreshing and has lots of action and moments. The pace is really good and there no dull moments. The characters are always up on their sleeves for something or the other. A good read for the teenagers and grown-ups who are still kids. Loads of fun and activities packed with this novel, so get your kids reading…”

–Sweta, Bookreviews for Booklovers by Booklovers

“The characters have such good friendships and connect…K.S. Krueger can alwayg bring extraordinary adventure.”

–YA Books All The Way!

Although her background has been in business, K.S. Krueger has always loved to write. She has written poetry and several children’s stories originally for her eldest daughter. Kim enjoys the idea of seeing the world through the eyes of her imagination and finds herself submerged in the worlds she creates. Imagination has never been in short supply ever since she was a child. 

Because her Traegonia series rides a fine line between fantasy and reality, it calls each reader to decide for themselves if they BELIEVE!  Kim has always believed that when you find something you truly love to do, even if you think it is just a dream, find your passion, the gift that is within you, believe in yourself and follow that dream. “Let yourself be open to the possibilities that await. You never know where they might take you.” 

Kim is a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. She is a writer, businesswoman, Reiki practitioner and spiritual person. She loves animals, nature and kids. Kim has lived in the Suburbs of Chicago all her life. She is creative and always tries to foster creativity in her own children as well as in others. You can visit Kim’s website at


Interview with K.S. Krueger, Author of the Traegonia Series

Thank you for joining us today, Kim Krueger. Can you please start off by telling us a bit about yourself?

Thanks for having me, I am a wife and mom, I have three daughters ages 9, 11 and 21. We also have a dog, a cat, a love bird and a bunny rabbit. They all keep me very busy. 

When did you first get bit by the writing bug?

When my oldest daughter was 3 she had an allergic reaction to some medicine. I was at the time a single mom and stayed alone with her all night long in the hospital, sleeping very little. When she finally fell asleep I went into the quiet empty hallway with a pad of paper and started writing a story about a princess and a flower and have been writing stories and poetry ever since. 

Why did you decide to write stories for children?

I think the types of stories I write just choose me. I didn’t set out to write children’s stories and actually have other projects that are not geared toward children. It just seemed to work out that way; probably because I have children and in many ways they inspire me. 

Do you believe it is harder to write books for a younger audience?

No, I think writing is a creative outlet and when you let the stories flow and develop, any number of wonderful ideas can surface from that creative place within all of us.  

What is your favorite part of writing for young people?

My favorite part of writing whether it is for young people or the young at heart is the impact the stories have. When someone is touched by something I have written, or when someone who doesn’t like to read, is moved to pick up the book, because they saw the sculptures of the characters, or someone is inspired by the books, these are the moments that feed my soul and bring joy to my heart. 

Can you tell us what your latest book is all about?

My latest book, Traegonia the Ember Rune, is the continuing adventures of a young boy from the Midwest. But first let me tell you about book one. Traegonia the Sunbow Prophecy is about Dino, an average boy from the Midwest, who has a fateful encounter with two young Traegons, in a local forest. Traegons are sixteen inch tall forest dwelling creatures that resemble a cross between a troll and a wingless dragon. Looking beyond outward appearances, Dino chooses to find out more about them and discovers friendship in this most unlikely meeting. When the home of the Traegons, becomes threatened by an unscrupulous developer, Dino and his new friends Karia and Juna, must work together to stop the destruction that looms. An ancient Traegonian Prophecy is revealed and the three friends find that their friendship is the key that sets the prophecy in motion. Follow them as the adventure unfolds and the World of Traegonia is unveiled.

In Traegonia the Ember Rune, when Dino is faced with leaving, Karia and Juna, his two young Traegon friends, behind when his parents decide to take a vacation, the three devise a plan to smuggle Karia and Juna on board a plane to California. His family vacation turns into an adventure of a lifetime when they meet two young girls and a bold and a bit wild young Traegon named Fletch. This Northern California Mountain holds danger, mystery and a path of learning for each of these new friends.  Faced with forces of nature, a rogue cougar and the evolution of their own journeys, the group of unlikely friends must believe in themselves and each other to uncover the meaning of the Ember Rune and get off the mountain safely. New friendships are made, old ones are revealed and a new community of Traegons is introduced.

What inspired you to write it?

I was inspired to write the Traegonia series when a friend and former neighbor, Dino C. Crisanti, created a couple of the sculptures that would become Traegons. My husband went next door to help Dino move a piece of furniture and happened to see one of the creature sculptures. He thought they were so cool that he called me over to see them as well. The three of us talked about how cool it would be to give them a world and a life and since I loved to write the task was mine. I tell people all the time that inspiration can come from anywhere; you just have to be open to the possibilities.

Where can readers purchase a copy?

Both Traegonia the Sunbow Prophecy and Traegonia the Ember Rune are available through our website, where you can also view the incredible sculptures of some of the characters. The books are also available through and Barnes and You can also request the books at your local book store where they can order it for you as well.

Do you have a website and/or blog where readers can find out more?

As I have already mentioned we have a full website with a market place to purchase the books, t-shirts and other really neat items. You can check out the meet the characters page to view the sculptures and the characters bios. We also have a contest page where we post writing contests and other creative contests. We have a curriculum available for teachers and educators to download for free if they would like to use the books in their classroom. If you would like to see additional pictures from some of the events we have attended and those we will be attending, you can follow us on our Facebook page at World of Traegonia.

What is up next for you?

We are currently working on the third book in the series, which is yet to be titled, but I can give you a little sneak peek into what is coming. In book three, Dino, Karia and Juna head to New York, where small groups of rogue Traegons have taken up residence within the city. I could go on but I won’t you’ll just have to wait until it is done. There are also 10 illustrations in the first book and as requested by our readers, ‘more pictures’, there are 20 illustrations in the second book. We will have at least that many in book 3. 

Do you have anything else to add?

Oh, yes I do, I almost forgot to tell you about our sightings page. On our website at we have a page where you can view a book trailer for The Sunbow Prophecy as well as other sightings and investigations. Because Traegons live anywhere there is earth, trees and places where they can hide and remain undiscovered, they are all over the world and sometimes closer than you might think. So the next time you are walking through the park or your local forest and you hear a noise in the brush, look carefully, because as my 9year old says, “It’s not always a squirrel mom!” Take a look and decide for yourself…Do they Exist?

Do you Believe?

Thank you for spending time with us today, Kim. We wish you much success.

Thank you, and always Believe!