Interview with Genevieve Crownson, Author of The Soul of the Son

Genevieve Crownson

Genevieve Crownson graduated from the College of Charleston with a Bachelors of Science degree. A love of writing led her to pen her debut novel, The Soul of the Sun. This is book one in her highly anticipated trilogy, The Argos Dynasty. She currently lives in beautiful Charleston, SC with her family and beloved four-legged friends.

You can find her at

Where did you grow up?

My family must have had the gypsy gene, because we moved around a great deal when I was growing up. I was born in Maryland, but have also lived in Massachusetts and several different places in Vermont. Since I spent the majority of my time in Vermont I feel that was my childhood home.

When did you begin writing?

I began to write stories in first grade after I had my first writing assignment. I have been hooked ever since. In college I began to write full length novels and fell in love with the process.

 Do you write during the day, at night or whenever you can sneak a few moments?

I write whenever I can. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is. Inspiration can come anywhere, anytime. I have also learned to be flexible because I have a full time job. I’ve discovered how to make the most of my spare moments.

What is this book about?

Since the days of Ancient Greece the Argos Dynasty has kept a secret.  A great healer and time traveler will be born of their blood. Their only clue to the healer’s identity is an ancient amulet as old as time itself. In a cat and mouse game fraught with peril, evil stalks them, watching and waiting tosee who has the ultimatepower. For only she who is called The Soul of the Sun can save the earth. If The Watcher discovers her identity first the planet could be destroyed. 

What inspired you to write it?

I have always been inspired to write. I have this inner desire to go into worlds where anything is possible. This particular story, The Soul of the Sun, came to me in a dream as all of my novel ideas do. This dream was so real; I knew I had to write it. It has an important message of love, strength and power that I believe should be shared with the world. 

Who is your favorite character from the book?The Soul of the Sun

I really love all of my characters, but if I had to pick a favorite it would definitely be Margaret. She holds a special place in my heart because she has pieces of my Grandmother in her. My Grandmother has Margaret’s strength, and that ability to see the good in everyone. She is the person I admire most in this world. Oh, and Margaret always wears red lipstick. That’s totally my Grandma.

Was the road to publication smooth sailing or a bumpy ride?

It was definitely bumpy! Publishing a book requires you to wear many hats. You need to learn how to format your books, make sure you have an amazing cover and all those little things you don’t think about when you’re writing your novel. When you finish your book it’s just the beginning. I have learned so much and every bump in the road has been worth it. I am now a published author, which is a dream come true for me.

If you knew then, what you know now, is there anything you would have done differently?

I don’t think so. Everything I have done up to this point has led me to where I am today. Dive in and take the plunge you won’t regret it. We only have this moment. Keep moving forward, and do what you can to make your dreams come true.

Where can readers purchase a copy of your book?

My book The Soul of the Sun is available in both paperback and e-book on Amazon here:

What is the best investment you have made in promoting your book?

I was given a fabulous piece of advice when I first started looking into promoting my work. First, invest in an amazing cover. The cover is what will draw people in. It will get them to pick up your book and take a second look. You need a cover that says I am a professional and I take this seriously. Second, even before you start to promote your book make sure you get it edited. That is so important. Make sure your book is the best it can be and the success will follow.

What is one piece of advice you would like to share with aspiring authors everywhere?

Don’t give up. Believe in yourself. If you dream of being a writer do everything you can to make it happen. You can share your stories with the world. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams and love you. Live your life fearlessly. I strive to do this every day.

What is up next for you?

I am working on book two and three of the Argos Dynasty, the follow up to The Soul of the Sun. I think that you will enjoy where the story goes next. Stay tuned for The Power of Alchemy coming soon. I will post on my website as soon as I have dates for the release. You can find me at 

Is there anything you would like to add?

I just want to thank all my readers that have reached out to me and told me how much they love my book. I love all of you.

Title: The Soul of the Sun
Genre: Paranormal/Young Adult
Author: Genevieve Crownson
Publisher: Genevieve Crownson
Pages: 348
Format: Paperback; Kindle

Social media: 





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Interview with TL Spencer, Author of Blood Prophecy: The Fated Three

writerTLSpencer TL Spencer was born in Lincolnshire (UK) and, as her father was a member of the armed forces, she travelled frequently. As a child, she lived in places such as Reading and Salisbury, taking advantage of being a short drive from the mystical Stonehenge – one of her favourite places.

She was diagnosed with epilepsy while living in Germany aged 11, and turned to writing as a way to cope with her condition. She is now studying at university and hopes one day to become a teacher.

Blog: and

Facebook: and


Twitter: @terrilspencer and @apostrophebooks

Thank you for joining us today, Terri. Can you please start off by telling us a bit about yourself?

My full name is Terri-Louise and I am a Leo baby, born on 7 August 1992 and I live in the fabulous seaside town of Cleethorpes – they have the most scrumptious fish’n’chips – in the north of England. I am fascinated by anything paranormal and I adore any kind of animal – even the ugly ones.

When did you first get bit by the writing bug?

I was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of eleven; writing became a way to cope, a way to vent out my frustration.  It was a form of therapy. However, the first time I considered myself a writer and really got bitten by the bug was when I started writing my novel, almost two years ago.

Why did you decide to write stories for the YA market?

The YA market is incredibly versatile. It is also more accessible for me as a writer. I am only twenty years old. It would be silly for me to write about adult issues. I haven’t been an adult long enough; the stories would lose their atmosphere.

What is your favorite part of writing for this group? What is the greatest challenge?

Writing on the whole is a challenge; there are deadlines, expectations, editing, plotlines etc. Though, while you are scribbling/typing away, you are not necessarily thinking of all these things, as soon as you finish, they all start to run around in your head. The greatest challenge for me as a writer however, is dialogue. I loathe it; for me it is one of the most difficult things to accomplish.

Can you tell us what your latest book is all about?

Blood Prophecy: The Fated Three is a three part novel of magic, love, vampires and betrayal. Three young women discover they are bound together by fate and must band together in order to save the world from darkness.

What inspired you to write it?bp_cover

Inspiration came from many places. There were several authors (JR Ward, Kerrelyn Sparks, JK Rowling) whose books influenced my work but the main ideas came from mythology and religion. The concept of the triple goddesses and ancient prophecies; all these are deeply embedded within Celtic myth.

Where can readers purchase a copy?

Blood Prophecy: The Fated Three is available from over 130 stores including Amazon Kindle, iTunes, Kobo and Nook:

What is up next for you?

After completing my studies at university, I hope to pass on my creative enthusiasm to the younger generation. My immediate plans are to carry on writing!

Do you have anything else to add?

I wish to inspire others who have difficulties, either medical or personal, to achieve their goals. There is always hope, sometimes it’s just harder to see.

Thank you for spending time with us today, Terri. We wish you much success.


Guest Book Review: Masquerade by Cambria Hebert

Genre: Young Adult
Reading level: Ages 14 and up
Paperback: 360 pages
Publisher: Otherworld Publications LLC (December 7, 2011)
ISBN-13: 978-1936593255
Rating: 4 stars
Available from Amazon

Golden girl Heven Montgomery had it all: the looks, the body, the talent, the popularity, the good grades, and she is (of course) a cheerleader. Life is perfect…until one day something dreadful happens. Heven is attacked by some horrific creature while walking home from the library and she ends up terribly disfigured. Her life goes from hero to zero in one foul swoop. She can’t even remember what really happened. She hides away from the world, dresses in unattractive clothing, and is left with only one true friend, Kimber. Then gorgeous hunk Sam Kavanagh arrives at her school and things change. Although Heven is sure Sam must be put off by her appearance, he is not. Only Sam sees Heven’s inner beauty, which is still part of her. However, Sam also has terrible secrets; he is not who Heven thinks he is. And he is consumed by guilt about it.
This is a different kind of YA love story, involving the paranormal. It also reverses the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ theme in an interesting way. Just as Beauty discovered the Beast’s inner worth, so does Sam see Heven for who she really is. Heven also rediscovers her sense of self worth. Told from multiple points of view, the story unfolds to reveal an astonishing array of twists and turns, keeping the reader guessing until the very last page.

Author Cambria Hebert has done well with this first novel, getting into the YA thought patterns and expressions, really conveying the emotional highs and lows of the YA experience. Love, the first fluttering feelings, the angst, and ecstasy, and the intensity of each moment are all well described. Emotion, drama, action, horror, and character development make this a YA novel that stands apart from the rest. There is some violence but it is in keeping with the paranormal angle and is acceptable. I found some coincidences a little too convenient and editing issues were distracting, but the story is compelling. YA and paranormal fans will love this book, especially since the ending leads the reader into the next story.

No monetary compensation was received for this review.

Reviewer’s bio: Fiona Ingram is an award-winning middle grade author who is passionate about getting kids interested in reading. Find out more about Fiona and her books on She reviews books for the Jozikids Blog.

Guest Book Review: Underworld by Meg Cabot

Genre: Young Adult

Reading level: Ages 14 and up

Paperback: 308 pages

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

ISBN-13: 978-0-330-45387-5

Rating: 4 stars

(Available from Amazon)

Imagine if your boyfriend is actually the ruler of the underworld, yep, that’ll be Hades. Now imagine that having died and been revived by him in the past, you’re back in Hades, faced with a choice of – do I stay or do I go? Keep imagining because things are going to get worse! Your grandmother is possessed by a Fury, yes, an evil creature from Greek mythology. She’s trying to kill you so as to punish your boyfriend. Hurting you will hurt him. Now imagine, your cousin Alex is going to be trapped in a coffin on the night when everyone in your hometown of Isla Huesos (which, by the way, means Island of Bones) celebrates a kind of Festival of the Dead tradition. This festival involves lots of coffins … and your cousin is going to suffocate in one of them. Oh, did I mention that a fabulous necklace, given to you by your hunky (dead) boyfriend actually contains the Persephone Diamond, which turns black when Furies are about.

Pierce Oliviera has an extraordinary life. Although she started out as a normal girl, family events took a strange turn. In Book 1: Abandon, Pierce died but was brought back to life by John Hayden, ruler of Hades. Now she finds herself half in the world of the living and half in the world of the dead. Underworld is the second book in the series and expands upon the Hades/Persephone Greek myth, where (if you’ve done your homework) you’ll remember that Persephone ate six pomegranate seeds while in the underworld. As a result, she must spend six months on earth, and six months with her dark consort.

In Underworld, Pierce finds herself more intrigued than ever by the mysterious John Hayden and his smouldering good looks. He is everything a seventeen-year-old girl could want … or maybe not? John has a guilty secret that’s eating him up because basically he is lying to Pierce. Pierce also finds out more about the convoluted and corrupt relationships between the aristocratic and wealthy families on the island. Their histories are intertwined with John’s previous human life. Unfortunately, the rich and powerful of Isla Huesos stop at nothing to keep their secrets safe and their wicked future plans on track. If this involves killing people, then so be it. John, Pierce, and their friends find themselves targeted at every turn by enemies, both human and eternal.

This enchanting and surreal reworking of the Greek legend will definitely intrigue romantic teens as John and Pierce develop their relationship. After all, it’s not every day that a girl says goodbye to the land of the living. The author depicts a plausible underworld, which also has a cast of eccentric characters to assist John as he ferries souls from life into death. Although this is the second book, the author filters enough back history into the story, enabling readers to get the picture. John and Pierce’s otherworldly romance continues in Book 3: Awaken.

No monetary compensation was received for this review.

Reviewer’s bio: Fiona Ingram is an award-winning middle grade author who is passionate about getting kids interested in reading. Find out more about Fiona and her books on She reviews books for the Jozikids Blog.