Felina’s New Home by Loran Wlodarski

Title: Felina’s New Home
Author: Loran Wlodarski

Illustrator: Lew Clayton
Paperback or hardback: 32 pgs, hardback or paperback
Publisher: Sylvan Dell Publishing

Publication Date: March 2010
ISBN-13: 978-1607-180685 (H)  $16.95/978-1607-180791 (P)  $ 8.95

Reviewed by Kathy Stemke

Felina the Florida panther’s beautiful forest home began to shrink, as humans take over more and more of her space.  Loran Wlodarski tells the story of this scared and confused animal as trees are disappearing and roads are being built in her habitat.   Felina finds many other animals are suffering as well.  Will the animals adapt?  Can children help to make the animals safe and happy? 

Lew Clayton’s illustrations help bring this important story to life.  Whether we see garbage in the water supply or sharp cans that cause injury to the animals, Ms. Clayton’s colorful illustrations transport you to the Florida forest. 

“Fun Fact: If panther’s catch a large meal, they may eat it over several days.  If so, they will frequently cover it with leaves and sticks to keep it fresh and hidden from other scavengers. “ 

The fun facts and life cycle information in the back of the book will help parents and teachers to continue the learning process.  The activities encourage children to think about endangered animals and how they can help. As a teacher I recommend this book for everyone’s library.

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