July 12 x 12 Update




I am bummed. This is the first month I haven’t managed to complete a picture book for 12 x 12. I tried. I even started it. But with being gone for two weeks on vacation, a computer on the fritz, the death of a dear friend, and running the girls around to various activities, I simply couldn’t finish the manuscript. I might try to complete the same idea for August or I might try to work on another ideas: The Candy Store–A young boy dreams of what it would be like to own a candy store.

We’ll see what happens. I’m still proud of all I’ve produced so far this year.

Gearing Up for 12 x 12

12 by 12


Julie Hedlund is facilitating 12 x 12 again this year. Writers are tasked with writing one new picture book each month for 12 months. I figure I’m up to the challenge, so I signed up. I have 30 new picture book ideas thanks to Picture Book Idea Month in November.

Here is my plan for 12 x 12 in 2013:

JanuaryDavid Shows the Way: The second book in my faith-filled journeys for kids brand is the story of Reuben, who is bullied by the older, bigger boys in town. But when he hears David, the youngest son of Jesse, plans to fight the Philistine giant, Goliath, he hopes he can gain some courage from him.

February – Everybody’s Home for Christmas: The story of a young boy missing his father who is stationed overseas. The little boy prays for his father’s safe return, which happens to come with a surprise return on Christmas Eve.

March – Crabby Cathy: Cathy is a grumpy girl. She’s grumpy all the time. But one of her classmates plots to change her attitude.

April – Untitled: One of Cinderella’s step-sisters gets to tell her side of the story.

May – Untitled: The story of an ingenious turkey who comes up with unique and funny ways to avoid being part of Thanksgiving dinner.

June – The Candy Store: A young boy dreams of what it would be like to own a candy store.

July – Happy Valentine’s Day, Not!: A girl tries to avoid the boy who gave her a Valentine’s Day card. But when he rescues her from the class bully, she discovers he’s not so yucky after all.

August – Easter Bunny Socks: Tired of people wanting him to deliver healthy snacks instead of chocolate eggs, the Easter Bunny decides to take up knitting.

September – Flag Day Fiasco: Students discover the school’s flag is missing and must try to find it before their annual Flag Day celebration kicks off.

OctoberMixed-up Holidays: What would happen if suddenly all the holidays were mixed up? Easter in November? Valentine’s Day in July? Christmas in March?

November – Adventures of an Evil Babysitter: The ridiculous adventures of a mean babysitter.

December – You Think It’s Easy Being Santa Claus?: A humorous rundown of what it’s like to be the jolly old elf.