Little Red Bat by Carole Gerber

Title: Little Red Bat
Author: Carole Gerber

Illustrator: Christina Wald
Paperback or hardback:
32 pgs Hardback and Paperback
Publisher: Sylvan Dell Publishing

Publication Date: March 2010
ISBN-13: 9781-607-180692 (H)  $16.95/ 9781-607-180807 (P)  $ 8.95

Reviewed by Kathy Stemke

When we mention bats what image comes to your mind?  Count Dracula?  Bats often get a bad rap.  The little red bat in Carole Gerber’s story is a sweet young bat that doesn’t know whether to stay in the forest for winter or migrate to a warmer climate.  She talks to many different animals that tell her how they survive the winter.  Each one warns the little red bat about his natural enemy. 

“Where will you live this winter?” asks the little red bat.  “I’m wondering if I should stay or if I should go.”  With a swish of his tail, the squirrel buries his last nut.  “I’m staying.  My winter food is all stored,” he says.  If you stay, watch out for owls.” 

Christina Wald offers outstanding illustrations, which add to the enjoyment and educational opportunities of this book.  She even features close ups of certain animal body parts like the wing, foot, and head of a quail.  Kids will see new details with every reading. 

A feature of “the creative mind” section at the end of the book is a detailed, labeled illustration of a tree bat that is full of interesting facts.  There’s an adaptation matching game, and a life cycle sequencing activity too.  As a teacher I can say that Little Red Bat is a must for every classroom.

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