What’s in Your TBR Pile?

I was just posting over at The Book Connection that I have more than 127 books in my TBR pile. Luckily, some of those are children’s books that won’t take as long to read. Here’s what’s in  my pile for children’s, MG, and YA books that I’m eager to dive into.

Another Whole Nother Story by Dr. Cuthbert Soup – I reviewed the first book, but I really want to read this one with the girls.

Horrid Henry Rocks by Francesca Simon – Who wouldn’t want to read a book with a character named Horrid Henry?

The Governor’s Dog is Missing! by Sneed Collard III

Stilts by Dixie Philips

Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep by Kathy Stemke

Goodbye is Forever by Mary Jean Kelso

Pre-release copy of Bad Spelling by Marva Dasef

The Halloween Dino Trip by Lea Schizas

What books are you looking forward to reading?