Third Quarter 2020 Goals Review

I like to review my goals quarterly to see how things are going. Who knew going into 2020 that the world would be plagued by a pandemic and civic unrest the likes of which I’ve never been old enough to witness or understand. Both have definitely been distracting, but I plug away and do my best to stay focused.

Goal 1: Develop one of the ideas from my stash.

Progress: The upcoming closure of one of my publishers has waylaid this goal a bit. I’ve spent more time figuring out what my plans are for the books that will go out of print than in writing anything new. I did, however, figure out which idea I want to work on. It’s another Christmas book.

Goal 2: Decide which of my completed stories to submit next.

Progress: None, because I’m not happy with them yet. I’ve reviewed them, but they really aren’t ready. I plan to take Christmas break and sit down and go through them all to see what I should focus on for 2021 (hard to believe that is only months away).

Goal 3: Edit The Sisterhood and submit to the agent I met at a conference.

Progress: The work on this project continues. We decided that it needed a total rewrite. We are about a quarter of the way through it.

Goal 4: Finish additional material for the new version of A Christmas Kindness.

Progress: Finished this in June. The book went out to the printer recently. I can’t wait to see it!

Goal 5: Acquire and edit three manuscripts for 4RV Publishing.

Progress: I have worked on two this year. I’ve also been editing for others I know. I’m not sure what 2021 will bring for me at 4RV, but I am looking forward to the future.

Goal 6: Write for Guardian Angel Kids.

Progress: Sadly, Guardian Angel Publishing will close next month. I am beyond sad. They published three of my books and hundreds for other authors. COVID left it’s mark on the publishing world with this loss.

Goal 7: Write five chapters of Amelia’s Mission.

Progress: None. Amelia is stuck on chapter 20 because of my focus on other projects–The Sisterhood, A Christmas Kindness, finding a new publisher for three books, editing, etc. I will read through the last chapter once I am done with this editing project.

That’s it from my neck of the woods. How are your 2020 goals coming along? Are you considering what you’ll work on for 2021 yet?

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