From the Family Bookshelf – August


Both girls reached their reading goals for the summer reading program again this year. I am proud of them. It’s important for them to keep learning over the summer. After polishing off the books they were reading last month, the Lil’ Princess picked Storyteller by Patrica Reilly Giff. I think this one came from a school book fair. Amazon blurb:

Elizabeth is drawn into a dramatic story from the American Revolution when she discovers a portrait of her ancestor, a girl called Zee, who has a striking resemblance to Elizabeth. The girls’ lives intertwine and Elizabeth’s present-day story alternates with Zee’s. As Elizabeth learns about Zee, and walks where Zee once walked and battles raged, the past becomes as vivid and real as the present.

Like me, the ladies enjoy a book that blends past and present.

The Lil’ Diva borrowed a book from the library that surprised me because she’s so much into dystopian fiction these days. Little Blog on the Prairie by Cathleen Davitt Bell is the story of a girl who goes with her family to a camp where they live like the pioneers, and how her texts about camp life create quite a ruckus. Amazon blurb:

Camp Frontier promises families the “thrill” of living like 1890s pioneers. Gen will be thrilled if she survives the summer stuck in a cabin with her family and no modern amenities. But ever the savvy teen, Gen sneaks in a phone and starts texting about camp life. Turns out, there are some good points-like the cute boy who lives in the next clearing. But when her texts go viral as a blog and a TV crew arrives, Gen realizes she may have just ruined the best vacation she’s ever had.

I think Dad is on a reading hiatus right now. He’s been so busy working, I haven’t seen him pick up a book since we came back from the Outer Banks. As for me, I’m always reading something. I just polished off Don’t Let the Wind Catch You by Aaron Paul Lazar last night. I’ll be posting my review here on the 26th. I also just started Designed by Relationship by T.J. MacLeslie and am still reading The Queen’s Vow by C. W. Gortner. I love Gortner’s work, but I’ve had to try to fit this one in between other commitments. Here’s what I’ve read since my last post:

God’s Special Forces by Darlene Laney (Christian living for tweens)
Odd One Out Big and Small by Guido van Genechten (board book)
Odd One Out In, Out, and All Around by Guido van Genechten (board book)
Traveling for Love by Becky Due (women’s fiction/romance)
Get Well Soon, Grandpa by An Swerts (picture book)
Don’t Be Afraid to Say No by Ilona Lammertink (picture book)
“Vinland Viking: A Saga” by Gary L. Doman (Christian historical fantasy adventure novella)

Have you read any good books lately?

That’s it for this edition of From the Family Bookshelf. See you with another update next month.

2 thoughts on “From the Family Bookshelf – August

  1. Good to keep the family reading. I’m so proud of my 11 year old grandson for loving reading. he started out hating it. His 16 year old brother loved reading but “sigh” football, baseball, & girls seem to keep getting in the way right now. Ha!

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