February 12 x 12 Update



Time for a 12 x 12 update. This is an event where writers commit to writing one picture book a month (12 books in 12 months). So far, I’ve been very successful in meeting my goals. I wrote a book in January and edited two. During the month of February, I concentrated on another book, Everybody’s Home for Christmas. Here was the potential plot I mentioned in December:

A young boy missing his father who is stationed overseas. The little boy prays for his father’s safe return, which happens to come with a surprise return on Christmas Eve.

The  young boy ended up becoming a girl named Rachel. I also ended up writing two versions of this story: one faith-based and the other secular. I’m not sure which version I like best, so I’ll wait to get feedback from my critique group before deciding which one I’ll edit and submit.

March’s goal is to complete Crabby Cathy: Cathy is a grumpy girl. She’s grumpy all the time. But one of her classmates plots to change her attitude. I wanted to start it today, but discovered I had one other project that needed attention first. I hope to begin this story tomorrow if all goes well.


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