January 12 x 12 Update


As I mentioned in December, I am participating in 12 x 12 where children’s writers commit to writing one picture book each month (12 books over 12 months). This is a great motivator. Here is what I accomplished in January.

My goal was to complete David Shows the Way. This is the second book in my faith-filled journeys for kids brand. It is the story of Reuben, who is bullied by the older, bigger boys in town. But when he hears David, the youngest son of Jesse, plans to fight the Philistine giant, Goliath, he hopes he can gain some courage from him.

I completed this story, but I changed the main character’s name to Amos. As the story flowed, the name Reuben didn’t work for me. The plot also ended up a bit differently, since I forgot that David doesn’t return home after he defeats Goliath.

In addition, after I completed this story, I waited a week and then revised it so it would be ready for my critique group. I also edited a picture book I had written last year during National Picture Book Writing Week.

February’s goal is to complete Everybody’s Home for Christmas: The story of a young boy missing his father who is stationed overseas. The little boy prays for his father’s safe return, which happens to come with a surprise return on Christmas Eve.

What do you think? Can I do it?

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