Picture Book Idea Month – Day 13

Wait a minute. Does that say Day 13? Why, yes it does. Where is idea number 12 you ask? Well, it’s kind of like this. I had an idea, but I had to write a book review after the girls finally fell asleep. It took me a while–I like to consider everything I am going to say, then proofread it at least six times before hitting publish, and maybe one or two more times after hitting publish. Amazing there are still mistakes I miss. By that time, it was after midnight, so I figured I might as well go to bed and post two ideas today. You don’t mind, do you?

Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo) is coordinated by Tara Lazar, this annual event asks writers to set a goal of coming up with 30 picture book ideas during the 30 days of November.

PICTURE BOOK IDEA #12: You’ll have to pardon me. I love Christmas, and Christmas is coming, so my mind goes there often. What about the story of an elf sitting on the mantle in a child’s home who simply wants to create a bit of mischief each night. Being good is boring, after all. What kinds of things could he do? Haven’t gotten that far yet, but I think I’ll be working with this idea more next year.

PICTURE BOOK IDEA #13: There is this funny cartoon out on Facebook–two actually–that I find so hilarious. They include symbols of Thanksgiving angry over Santa and Christmas trying to take over the month of November.  I’m a person who sings Christmas carols all year long, and if the cats would leave the trees alone, I wouldn’t bother taking them down either. But these cartoons tickle my funny bone. It also speaks to how retail rushes right over Thanksgiving to get to Christmas. Since before Halloween, Christmas decorations have been slowly taking over retails stores. That doesn’t bother me much, except that I don’t like how holidays that used to be sacred for family time are now considered work days.

I was thinking a story of mixed-up holidays would be neat. I’m not sure how to plot it out yet. Maybe a girl drops her calendar and it mixes up all the holidays. Easter is in November and Valentine’s Day is in July. What could happen? Would we want Christmas in March?


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