Picture Book Idea Month 2012 Starts Today!

I’m sure I forgot to mention it. The brain is working on half speed lately. I am participating in Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo) again this year! So exciting–30 picture book ideas in 30 days. Fun, inspiration, and prizes too. Each day of November (hopefully) I will be posting a new picture book idea at this blog. By the time I’m done, I’ll have 30 new ideas to consider. One of my stories from when I participated in 2010 is currently under contract, with several more written. I had a chance to pitch two of the projects that I completed after my 2010 PIBoIdMo stint to agents. This definitely has helped me kick my writing into gear.

Here is my pledge for this year:

I do solemnly swear
that I will faithfully execute
the PiBoIdMo 30-ideas-in-30-days challenge,
and will, to the best of my ability,
parlay my ideas into
picture book manuscripts
throughout the year.

There is still time to register, but be quick about it, because registration closes on November 4th. You can register at http://taralazar.com/2012/10/23/piboidmo-2012-registration-begins-now-sign-up-here/

PICTURE BOOK IDEA #1: I want to add to my faith-filled journeys for kids brand, so my first idea would be to write a book similar to Little Shepherd–creating a story around a fictional character who witnesses a Biblical event. David Shows the Way is the story of Reuben, a young boy who is being bullied by the bigger children in town. He befriends a local boy named David, the youngest son of Jesse. I haven’t worked out all the details yet, but David standing up to Goliath helps show Reuben that he can stand up to his bullies too.

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