Interview with K.L. Glanville, Author of 2108: Eyes Open

Joining us today is K.L. Glanville, author of YA book, 2108: Eyes Open.

Thank you for joining us today, K.L.. Can you please start off by telling us a bit about yourself?

Sure! I live in sunny Southern California. I love to travel, garden, read and try new things. And I obviously love to get lost in my imagination and write. I was a teacher for a few years, but now I get to pretty much work full time on my creative endeavors.

When did you first get bit by the writing bug?

I have always loved being creative and letting my imagination go a little wild. My best friend and I tried writing a story together as teenagers, but couldn’t agree on the plot. We grew up telling stories together, though. Her family would often tell stories in the round: one person would start, another would add on, and then another, until the story ended. I loved being a part of those story times. As I got older, I wrote in my journal a lot and would occasionally write something for others to read. I think I’ve always enjoyed writing or storytelling in some form or another.  

Why did you decide to write stories for the YA market?

It’s the most fun for me and probably the most natural. I’ve worked with children and teens most of my life, so it seemed an obvious avenue to pursue.

What is your favorite part of writing for this group? What is the greatest challenge?

I love delving into unexplored territories and dreaming up exciting worlds and storylines that will fascinate young people. The greatest challenge is probably keeping the tension and excitement level high at all the right times and places. I remember an editor going through the manuscript of my first novel marking all the places he was getting bored and wanted more action. I learned a lot from those comments.

Can you tell us what your latest book is all about?

I’m so excited about 2108: Eyes Open. It’s a fun, thrilling and adventurous coming of age story about Jewel, a sixteen year old, who lives in the year 2108. She gets herself into trouble . . . with international implications, all because she’s curious and wants a date to her best friend’s party. The world of 2108 is filled with fun and surprising technology as well as Aliens, Bionics, and Half Breeds. Jewel is a Natural, someone who has kept herself genetically and technologically pure. But trouble can change things.

What inspired you to write it?

A number of things inspired me. I had read a lot on what people thought about aliens and found it interesting. It seemed like a great topic to explore. I love futuristic technology too, and liked the idea of getting to dream up all kinds of fun gadgets and devices. I enjoy researching predictions of where science and technology are headed . . . most of the time anyway. There is a lot of fun and wild stuff out there to read and watch! In the back of my mind, I also had a niggling desire to try writing something in first person, present tense. All these thoughts and desires got mixed together . . . and out came 2108: Eyes Open.

Where can readers purchase a copy?

The paperback can be bought on my website, on Amazon or ordered through your local bookstore. The ebook versions should also be available on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Googlebooks, etc.

Do you have a website and/or blog where readers can find out more?

Yes, I have a website/blog where you can find more behind the scenes info on 2108, as well as info on my other books and products. There’s a weekly blog on there and a newsletter that you can sign up for too to get even more. The website is If you “like” my facebook page or sign up for the newsletter on the website, you’ll be able to read the first chapter of 2108.

What is up next for you?

Well, now that I have two series going, I need to go back and edit book two of my first series (The Realm) so I can get that out. Then it will be back to work on a sequel for 2108. I’m excited to see what happens to Jewel next!

Do you have anything else to add?

A friend of mine and I are working on a fun project related to 2108. There is some music mentioned in 2108 that Jewel and her friend, Maggie, like to listen to. My friend Andi and I are working on producing some of that music. You can find out more about that on my website too.

Thank you for spending time with us today, K.L. Glanville. We wish you much success.

Thank you so much! It’s a privilege to stop by.


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