Interview with Mark A. Cooper, Author of Jason Steed: Revenge

Please tell our readers a bit about yourself.

I was born in London next door to where Enid Blyton was born, I moved to Florida in 2003

When did you begin to pursue writing as a career?

2007 my first book came out on watches, my novels did not actually get into print until 2008

Where did the idea of Jason Steed come from?

He is the hero in all of us. He is not perfect, he cries like you and me when he is hurt physically or emotionally. But will kick the butt of any bully.

We meet Jason in Book 1 of this series, Fledgling Jason Steed. What can you tell us about this book?

By the time Jason was almost 8, he earned two black belts and a 2nd Dan black belt. He can speak numerous languages including Chinese (which is where he grew up, until his father moved him back to the house he grew up in London, England), Japanese, English and more. but also enjoys doing what some of the kids his age do. He is a boy after all and with his best friend Scott, they do have a few minor mishaps.He can complete an military assault course in less than 7 mins, and fly a simulated plane. Jason starts off broken and throws himself into martial arts, where he learns a great deal about his own personal inner strength. This strength mixed with his strength prove to be a life saver with Jason finds himself among an elite group from the British army, in enemy territory. The test begins here and Jason has to dig deeper than has has ever done before to get himself out alive. All his skills at martial arts, the time he spent on a flight simulator save his life.

You actually self-published this book, didn’t you? How did it get picked up by a publisher?

Originally it was self published just for my son, although like all books Amazon listed it. It got noticed by young readers and the reviews started pouring in, I was later contacted by brilliant New York agent who took me under her wing.

Now, in Book 2, Revenge: Jason Steed, Jason puts himself in danger by betraying someone powerful. Is this a change in his character? Are we seeing a darker side of Jason emerge?

No change in his character, the person who Jason betrays is ‘Boudica’ she is head of the Traids. A ruthless crime organization. Jason works undercover and befriends the son of one of the triad leaders. He passes the information back to the police who bring down most of the organization. However those who remain, seek ‘Revenge’

What has been the greatest part of creating Jason and the world in which he lives?

The story is based in the 1970’s, a time before ‘Cell Phone’ and computers. I can recall most of this from my own childhood

After two books, is there anything you would go back and change?

Great question. The 1st Edition of book 1 Fledgling had a great ending in the way an aircraft was landed. Many reviewers loved it, however when it was re-published the editor I had at the time persuaded me to alter it. I regret that and wish I had said no.

Where can readers purchase Revenge: Jason Steed?

Amazon, Barns & Noble, most on-line book stores.

What is up next for you?

To continue with the Jason Steed series and complete the new novel I am writing set in Germany during the second World War. 

Is there anything you would like to add?

Yes. “Always look beyond what you can see.”

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One thought on “Interview with Mark A. Cooper, Author of Jason Steed: Revenge

  1. my 11 year old son would not read …. then jason steed came along and he cannot put the book donw – the only problem is now he is desperate for more!!! Well done mark cooper !!!

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