Recent Seasonal Amazon Hot Releases

In book two of the Moosa series Moosa finds himself helping Santa deliver presents after Dancer gets injured.

A mischievous young thief is hurled through time on an adventure to discover forgiveness and the true meaning of Christmas.

Sandy Claws is a humorous animal parody of the Christmas stories, featuring a red lobster, appropriately named “Sandy Claws.” His quirky animal friends share the entire Christmas experience, culminating in the daring Christmas Eve flight to provide gifts for those in need. The satirical spoof features the warmth of close friends, danger, and subtle lifetime lessons. Originally a bedtime story the author told to his small children some thirty-five years ago, the narration is being released as a book for his grandchildren’s generation to enjoy.

Carrie is a little girl living in a sunny warm place. Soon, her family moves north. Everything is new and exciting as Carrie experiences a cold winter for the first time.

Christmastime has arrived! Ambette and Pierre Philippe hurry off to their favorite park in Paris, France. The 4 year-old twins are bringing a Christmas surprise to their two favorite ducks, Louis and Bona. What can the surprise be?

The Marshalls, a family wrapped up in their holiday traditions, can hardly wait to celebrate the season by decorating their Christmas tree. But to their surprise, their tree, Treena, has come to set the record straight and teach them what Christmas is really about!

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