Interview with R.G. Bullet, Author of The 58th Keeper

R. G. Bullet was born in Berkshire, UK. After living in nine different countries he has finally settled in Miami Beach, USA. He is addicted to tea, reading, writing, motorbikes and shamefully, Call of Duty. His middle grade debut novel: The 58th Keeper has just been released. 

Welcome, R.G. Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in England. After a varied education went off to London. My first job was as in stockbroking, which was intense. After a number of years I quit, and was lucky enough to win a scratchcard lottery. I split it 50/50 with my friend and fled for Majorca. After living in eight different countries, I have finally settled in sunny Miami. 

When did you first get bit by the writing bug?

It started at an early age—the first story I ever finished was written with my friend while we hitch-hiked around Europe. I was sixteen. We wrote in relay with one chapter getting more macabre than the last. When I returned home I proudly handed the manuscript to my mother. When she finished reading it she simply looked at me aghast. I buried it in my dad’s compost heap that same day. However, the great part, about the trip, other than having fun with my friend writing that story, were the places I visited. Many are brought into The 58th Keeper. The Houses of Parliament, cathedrals, Arc d’ Triumph, the South of France, Rome, the Coliseum. 

Why did you decide to write stories for the YA market? 

I have no choice. I don’t think I have matured much beyond age sixteen. 

What is your favorite part of writing for this group? What is the greatest challenge? 

My favorite part of writing for this genre is re-living a time when life was full of possibilities and heart. It was incredible fun, but it was also tough trying to work it all out. Writing YA brings me close to that. The greatest challenge? Bringing imagination down to the written word. By that, I mean that in our minds we can all sing “Yesterday” like Paul McCartney – in tune and in harmony, but what comes out the mouth (for me at least) is enough to make Simon Cowell cringe. Writing is a similar challenge. After vivid imagery, the trick is to get the words in order so that scene flies off the pages…minus the cringe part, hopefully. If one is too descriptive, it’s spoilt, but too little description and the readers derail.

Can you tell us what your latest book is all about?

The 58th Keeper is about a boy who stumbles upon an ancient relic. He is in line to be a ‘Keeper’ – an exclusive title that only 57 other people have held before, and their lineage goes back a thousand plus years. Archy, the main character, is the first ever schoolboy to be a Keeper, so he really has to prove he’s up to scratch. There’s a lot of action involved and many strange and twisted characters. It takes all his wits to keep one step ahead of the hunt, and he summons strengths he never knew he had. 

What inspired you to write it? 

The story spiraled out after I won a scratch card lottery. I split the proceeds with my friend, who asked me what I would buy. I said, “a flying carpet,” which is a silly answer, but the seeds of  The 58th Keeper were sown. 

Where can readers purchase a copy?

It is available in all formats: eBooks, print, papyrus…, Barnes & Noble etc. 

Do you have a website and/or blog where readers can find out more?

Yes. is up and growing with me, where you can find my other books and excerpts to download. Also my blog

What is up next for you? 

Writing and re-writing the next novels. I am halfway through book 2. I have made a goal of producing ten other works, so I don’t think I will see the sun again for a couple of years. 

Do you have anything else to add?

Readers can win a Kindle Touch or a Nook Simple Touch if you write a fun review about The 58th Keeper. Check out the competition here

Thank you for spending time with us today, R.G. We wish you much success. 

Thank you! I enjoyed stopping by and look forward to meeting new people.

Thanks for having me. I looking forward to making more friends.

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