October Storm Behind Us, Now Time to Move On

Photo by: David Molnar, Republican staff photographer The Republican, Springfield, MA


Well, it sure has been a week. On Saturday, October 29th, the Northeast was hit with an early snowstorm that left us without power for a week. Thankfully, we had a warm place to stay, but it’s a mess here. Now comes picking up the yard, hauling away downed trees, and cleaning up the house.

I should be back into a more regular blogging schedule by the end of the week. I have several wonderful titles from Tiger Tales to share. Clavis Publishing, Chronicle Books and Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books has sent some titles along. I also have a copy of Let’s Make Some Great Art by Marion Deuchars that I’ve wanted to talk about. I haven’t read many of these yet, but I want to tell you a bit about them, since some of these are seasonal titles.

One good thing about the early snow, now I’m really in the mood for some Christmas reading.

Hope you all stayed safe and warm this week.

All my best,


5 thoughts on “October Storm Behind Us, Now Time to Move On

  1. Snow and Limbs and Snow and Limbs.
    Poor puppies in the Northeast.

    I hope you and your family dig out and are back to a normal schedule soon.

    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards

  2. The weather is totally crazy. Also, Oklahoma had a 5.6 earthquake Saturday, the largest one they’ve ever had. It was felt as far south as Texas. Some people in our area said their houses shook. I must have been in lala land cause I never felt a thing.

    Anyway, it’s weird.

    Hope you’re back to normal soon.

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