Chihuawolf: A Tail of Mystery and Horror by Charlee Ganny

Paco, a smart, fashionably-dressed Chihuahua, lives in a snug and comfortable world as the pampered pet of tenyear- old Olivia. Although he is locked into a perpetual battle with a pair of cats, his real problem is Natasha, the gorgeous Afghan hound he adores, but who thinks he is just too tiny to be taken seriously. Determined to change his outside to reflect the lion-hearted courage he possesses inside, Paco decides to do something drastic. He will transform into the biggest, fiercest canine he can imagine: a Chihuawolf!

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Paco shivered with delight at the thought of becoming that feared creature of myth and legend. He could do it. he would no longer be a member of the smallest dog breed in the world, a seven-pound Mexican short-hair who trembled at the slightest threat. His outside appearance would match what he was on the inside—big, mighty, and fearless. He would have long fangs and sharp claws. He would snarl, and everyone would run. He would be irresistible to the woman he loved.

The woman he loved. Natasha. Paco smiled to himself. Her name sounded like a rushing stram. Natasha. Her barking fell like soft music on his ears. Natasha. Pac’s mood darkened. She called him a canine cannoli, a furry fajita, a miniature snoozer. He sighed.

He tasted the bitterness of the truth. He knew where he stood with her. Natasha didn’t like puny little pooches. She only gave her heart to perros grandes—big dogs! Great Danes. German shephers. St. Bernards. Rottwelers. Mighty mastiffs. And if they were bad dogs—dogs who dug huge holes in the yard, dogs who chewed up entire sofas, dogs who picked fights or stole bones or ran away for hours—Natasha liked them even better. Only the biggest, the baddest, the boldest leader of the pack became the beautiful Natasha’s boyfriend.

Paco the Chihuahua, the poquito, the pipsqueak, could never win her—but maybe Paco the Werewolf would.

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“…the mood of mystery and suspense is well sustained and does a good job holding readers’ interest. The interspersing of Spanish words and phrases is a fun addition… A good addition to animal-adventure collections.”

– School Library Journal



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Charlee Ganny (aka Savannah Russe, USA Today bestselling author of The Darkwing Chronicles) lives high up on a hill in a 150-year-old farmhouse near Harveys Lake, PA. She has too many cats to count, three dogs, and regular wild visitors, including a skunk named Professor Pewmount. She is a writer and a dreamer, and what she dreams…she writes.


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