The Crystal Prince by Jeanette Clinger-Hurley

A fairy tale that will captivate young readers is waiting to be explored in, The Crystal Prince, by Jeanette Clinger-Hurley.

A long time ago, in the kingdom of Celestria, a rift divided two brothers. The elder brother, Ganthian, drew followers to him and attacked his younger brother. Ganthian and his followers were defeated and they fled to the Black Forest. Into this divided kingdom, a young prince is born one thousand years later. Prince Xabian’s birth is met with great joy and much anxiety. Born with a hole in his heart, only the crystals from Terraminjemma Mountain can heal him.

Once the crystals are secured, Xabian’s mother is sure they are always kept close by. Xabian continues to grow and play with his friends. The beautiful Jenevieve is a special friend, and the entire kingdom is sure one day they will wed. But then tragedy strikes. On the night of Prince Xabian’s twelfth birthday, evil enters the castle and kidnaps him. Will they ever see Xabian again? How long can their beloved prince survive without the healing crystals close to his heart?

There is so much to love about The Crystal Prince. We find a story where good triumphs over evil and love conquers all. It is a story that combines faith and the power of love, woven into a magical kingdom of healing crystals, flesh-eating sky dragons, dreams, and trolls. It is a book that combines the classic elements of fairy tales like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and Sleeping Beauty, with a more prominent message of how following The Golden Rule can make a difference.

While I wish  an editor whacked away some of the extraneous details, overall this spellbinding adventure is an excellent read. A tiny nitpick for the typographical errors within the book, none of which is more noticeable than on the last page when Xabian looks into the eyes of his bride, Jenevieve and says, “You are and have always been my angle from heaven…” The mother in me is also a little unsettled by a children’s story that says the main characters shared a “passionate” kiss.

The artwork provided by B. C. Hailes is breathtaking. Page after page of exquisitely detailed drawings fill the book with colors. The picture I posted above doesn’t do the cover art justice. You have to see this artwork up close.

The Crystal Prince is definitely a book that provides a fine example of how our attitude can bring about change. I look forward to more books by Jeanette Clinger-Hurley.

Rating:  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Publisher:Dream Maker Pictures & Books
  • ISBN-10:057803963X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0578039633
  • SRP:  $32.95 (Also available in a Kindle edition).

You can purchase a copy of The Crystal Prince from the book’s website for only $16.95!

3 thoughts on “The Crystal Prince by Jeanette Clinger-Hurley

  1. Hi there, thank you so much for taking the time to read and review my book. It was a very gracious review to say the least and really appreciate time and expertise. Feel free to stay in touch and become a “BELIEVER” of The Crystal Prince at and recieve a FREE gift. Thanks so much again. ~ And remember “Love is the Only Way ~ Jeanette Clinger Hurley

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