My How Things Have Changed!

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When I think of summer time reading, it’s usually me sitting a the beach with a book. If, however, you read the Sunday, July 10, 2011 issue of PARADE Magazine in your local paper, you’ll see an article about summer reading that features a picture of a young boy sitting under a tree with his dog and his eReader. I suddenly felt very old. As technology changes and becomes more affordable, I can see the younger generations reading eBooks as the norm.

What that means for the publishing world I can only guess. I know that I don’t always feel comfortable taking my Kindle into the tub with me. What if I drop it?

How do you feel about eBooks versus printed? Do you see them becoming the norm? What impact do you think this will have on the publishing industry?



8 thoughts on “My How Things Have Changed!

  1. I see them as adding to instead of taking over, however, if I may look ahead in the future a minute…I’m seeing e-readers becoming the norm. After e-readers, Lord only knows what’ll be next.

  2. Speaking of which, I didn’t get a bit of reading done – paperback or Kindle – during my vacation. So getting people to “like” to read again instead of doing something else, the e-reader gives them a technological punch instead of the same old same old. Okay. I’m done. ;o)

  3. I read different things on ereaders than I do *real* books. Anything I want to refer to like crafts or reference books or cookbooks I want a real book. If it’s a run read I won’t hold onto, an ereader is OK.

  4. Great post…I wonder that a lot myself. I don’t think they’re totally replace paper books, just like Mp3s didn’t totally replace CD’s, but they’ll definitely hold the lion’s share of things. I finally took my Kindle to the beach, but it certainly freaked me out. Sand…water…theft…it was more nerve wracking than fun.

  5. I do think ebooks will replace the majority of books, especially for most younger readers. My daughter (13) reads voraciously and sleeps with piles of books in and around her bed. I thought about getting her an ebook reader to reduce clutter and save money on books. But the ebooks aren’t much cheaper than paperbacks and she loves holding a book in her hands. She doesn’t want an ebook reader. I suspect she is in the minority, however. After all, most 13 year old girls don’t want to spend their free days wearing pjs and watching old episodes of Scooby Do!

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone. Dot, part of the reason you didn’t get much reading done is you live close enough that it’s not too far of a drive and you didn’t stay long. Now me, it’s an 11 hour drive there and home, so I have time to read; and then when we’re at the beach–which is every day in the OBX–I bring a book or my Kindle.

    Vanessa, I find that tucked into a bag my Kindle is just fine. I’ve probably dropped it once or twice and nothing horrible happened to it. Of course, I’m also not the kind of person to disappear into the water for hours. That might make me nervous if the Kindle was in my bag on the beach all by itself.

    Ellen, I can definitely see the difference. There are some books I won’t buy or review on my Kindle.

    Kate, I have one daughter who sounds a lot like yours and another daughter who isn’t happy unless she has tons of friends to hang with every waking minute. They both enjoy Scooby Doo, though. Hopefully your daughter stays the same for at least a few more years.

    Thanks again ladies!

  7. I love my kindle for iphone. I must admit, the books are cheaper and it is tempting to buy only ebooks now. My kids are still young enough at 9 and 11 that they get real books. We are actually off to the bookstore today to buy them each one for vacation. Since I don’t yet have an actual kindle, I dont see them getting one any time soon!

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