Ricky is Brave by Guido van Genechten

Ricky is a brave little rabbit. It is too hot to sleep indoors, so he wants to sleep outside in the tent. He assures his parents that he’s not afraid at all. But is that really true?

Ricky Is Brave by Guido van Genechten is a wonderful book that helps kids know that it’s okay to depend on your parents even when you’re trying to flex those muscles of independence. Ricky is determined to sleep outside. He asks his dad for help in setting up the tent and his mother brings out lemonade while they work. Ricky hides some things in his tent to play with and Mom gives him a flashlight and lots of good-night kisses. But when the flashlight batteries die, everything seems to change. It’s not so fun anymore.  

This book celebrates what families are all about.  The parents support Ricky’s desire to sleep outside. Ricky works with them to make it happen. Then when it gets a bit to scary, his parents are there to help him out and make sure there’s no reason to be afraid. The warm colors of the illustrations even give you that down home feel.

My only tiny nitpick is that the black text was a bit hard for me to read on the darker pages when Ricky was inside the tent. I would have preferred white text for those pages.

Ricky is Brave is a superb book that young readers will love.

Rating:  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Publisher:Clavis Publishing
  • ISBN-10:1605370975
  • ISBN-13: 978-1605370972
  • SRP:  $16.95

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