The Professional Writer’s Connection Launches Today!

I have a dream. I see a place where writers can talk about writerly things and be understood because someone else has gone through the same thing. It’s a place to brainstorm ideas and a place to share resources and sites that help make writing easier. It’s a place that motivates and inspires writers to reach for their dreams.
After much thought and with the help of a good friend, The Professional Writer’s Connection launches today! It costs nothing to join, and the hope is that this forum will grow and become a great support to writers around the world, just like the first writer’s forum I became a member of helped me.

6 thoughts on “The Professional Writer’s Connection Launches Today!

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  2. found you through a comment you left on another 100 Words entry site – so a (perhaps stupid) question – professional writers? Does that mean in order to join the forum I would have to be paid for my writing? I used to be – a column in a newspaper – but now write just to write. I’ve bookmarked your site for future reference. Thanks

  3. Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for the question. You don’t have to be paid, but you do have to be dedicated to your writing. It’s a place to get inspiration and support to keep you moving toward your goals, whatever they may be.

    Hope you join us.


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