PiBoIdMo 2010 – Idea #22

Only 8 more days to go. I can’t believe it. The ideas are coming to mind slower and slower, but I think I can still pull this off. The inspirational posts at Tara’s blog have been great all month, so that definitely helps.

Idea #22

A Christmas Star

Based upon the title, one might think this is a faith-based story, but it’s not.

One cold Christmas Eve, a tiny buck is frightened away from his home by a bear. He is able to outrun the bear and hide, but he’s gone so far from home he’s lost all sense of direction.  He wanders around frightened and alone for a little while, but then he remembers that his mother always told him to, “Look for the star.”

The little buck blinks the tears from his eyes and looks into the sky to find the North Star shining brightly. There’s something odd about this star, because no matter which way the buck turns, the star always stays in one place. He follows the star until he is safely home.

Want to learn more about PiBoIdMo? Visit http://taralazar.wordpress.com/.

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