PiBoIdMo 2010 – Idea #19

After tomorrow we’ll be in the home stretch, with only 10 more days of November and 10 more ideas to come up with. I’m feeling good about this. I think I can do it.

Idea #19

The Lazy Little Gopher

All the gophers help one another out, except this one lazy little girl gopher. She would rather daydream and play all day long. The gophers had to move to a new home because their old one got flooded out. Everyone has the job of digging new tunnels and chambers. It’s important to dig a lot of holes, so that if a predator gets into the tunnel, the gopher can escape by another one.

Well, it seems the lazy little gopher got bored while digging her tunnel, so she went out through another tunnel that had been completed and began playing with the squirrels. A little while later, the gopher headed back to do more work, when she heard running noises in the tunnels.  She dashed into the tunnels to find her family trapped by a weasel in her unfinished tunnel. Thinking fast, she bit the weasel’s tail and dashed out of the tunnel above ground, eventually giving the weasel the slip.

When she returns home, she apologizes to the others for wandering off to play instead of doing her work and vows she’ll always complete her work from now on.

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