PiBoIdMo 2010 – Idea #18

It’s Day 18 of Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo). In case I haven’t mentioned it before, the link I post at the bottom of each idea to Tara’s site will provide you with a daily inspirational post. If you write and/or illustrate picture books or are interested in doing that, you should check out the excellent articles from the writers and illustrators visiting Tara’s blog this month.

Idea #18

Anna’s Answer

Anna is worried when Papa loses his entire wheat crop to a hail storm. What will he have to sell so they can buy supplies for winter?  Anna wants to help, but her Mama tells her the best thing she can do is pray. So Anna prays for a week. Nothing changes and she starts to wonder if God is really listening.

After two weeks, the cupboards are getting emptier and Papa hasn’t found any odd jobs in town. Anna begins to wonder if God really exists.

By week three, with Papa and Mama very quiet, the cupboards almost empty, no sugar and no tea, Anna decides if her prayers aren’t answered by the next day she’s going to stop praying. But she just can’t bring herself to do it. Mama has explained that God doesn’t always answer our prayers right away, but that He will answer them. And it’s the only way Anna feels like she can help her family, so she keeps praying.

During the fourth week, Papa is able to trap some animals and sell their furs. This helps to replenish the cupboards a bit. At supper that night, Mama and Papa thank Anna for her prayers. Anna hopes this means God is listening.  

The following week, a man comes into town and wants to raise a house and barn before the winter comes, but he is going to need some help. He arrives at Anna’s house  and hires Anna’s papa to help him. The man is going to stay with them until his house is built, so he will pay room and board too. This will give Anna’s family enough money to buy the supplies to survive the winter.  Curious, Anna asks the man how he found her papa. The man tells her that he wasn’t sure if he was going to settle in this town or the next one. While he was saying grace over his lunch, he asked God to show him a sign so that he would know where he should live. He explains that the next sign of human life he found was the smoke coming out of their chimney, and he was certain that was the answer to his prayer. Anna knew the man was the answer to hers.

Want to learn more about PiBoIdMo? Visit http://taralazar.wordpress.com/.

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