PiBoIdMo 2010 – Idea #13

Thirteen ideas for thirteen days in November. Aren’t we having fun!

I’m going back to the beginning of my list for this one, though I could see this turning into a first chapter reader instead of a picture book.

Idea #13

Beatrice and Charlotte’s Great Adventure

Remember Beatrice? She is a five-year-old curious little girl with a big imagination. She and her imaginary friend Charlotte have great adventures together: escaping hungry dinosaurs, becoming anteaters, and being pursued by a lion.

In this, their greatest adventure yet, Beatrice and Charlotte are on a cruise with Beatrice’s parents when they discover her parents have been kidnapped by zany pirates. It’s up to Beatrice and Charlotte to rescue them and save the day. 

The details of this one are a bit sketchy. At first I was thinking the pirates would be chasing the girls, but then I wondered why and if this would be scarier than being chased by dinosaurs and lions. Are bad people scarier to kids than wild animals? The original storyline could still work. Maybe the girls have discovered the pirates’ secret treasure hidden on the ship many years ago and the pirates want it back.

Not sure where this one will lead, but I really like it.

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One thought on “PiBoIdMo 2010 – Idea #13

  1. Pretty much anything with pirates is a win in my book. As far as which is scarier, not sure, maybe a combo of the two? I’d like to hear more about this one as it starts to take shape.

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