From the Family Bookshelf

I figure I better keep on top of this column if I ever want it to be successful. Besides, with Little Shepherd coming out soon I know I’ll miss a week here or there while I am busy promoting my book.

Dad hasn’t had much reading time lately. We came back from vacation and he’s been busy working his tail off. We took in a KISS concert last week, but that’s pretty much been all the goof-off time he’s had. Vince Flynn’s The Third Option is still on his nightstand.

Both the girls have been racking up the playtime with their friends, trying to hold onto the last couple of weeks of their summer vacation. Other than a tween magazine, no reading has happened. The Lil Diva was distressed to find out that she must read silently in class 30 minutes a day. That didn’t go over well.  🙂

Then there’s me, Mom. After teaching Vacation Bible School for a week, I’m tuckered out, but I still got a chance to read.

I finished the home and garden decorating book, Paula Deen’s Savannah Style, and the thriller,  The Chill of Night by James Hayman. I’ve also been reading a manuscript for one of my son’s friends. He’s got a great handle on the English language, so that’s a plus. I’m currently reading Renters Win, Home Owners Lose by Tom Graneau.

Hope you’ve enjoyed From the Family Bookshelf. Until next time, keep reading!


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3 thoughts on “From the Family Bookshelf

  1. Sometimes it is hard to fit reading into our daily lives. I think kids, especially, should have the time to play and be with friends. Mmm, maybe that’s why I didn’t read as a kid. 🙂

  2. KISS?!! Fun. Nice selection of books again. I definitely want to check out the Renters Win, Homeowners Lose.

    I’ve recently started the Harry Potter series with my little one. We’re just a little ways into the first one. Since we’re neighbors of Mr. Potter down here in Orlando, she has been more interested in the franchise. I was very happy when we started reading the books and she said that she found them better than the movies. She likes the movies, but likes the the details of the books, that they just can’t get in a movie.

    She’s also a big fan of the Junie B. Jones series…has Lil Diva read any of those?

  3. The Lil Diva loves June B. Jones. I don’t care for how the character talks, but they use them in school anyway. My girls would watch HP if I let them, but all that wizard stuff isn’t right for them–not yet anyway. Let them get to the point where they can decipher fact and fiction a bit better and I’ll let them read those books too.

    Bev, I agree. I forced myself back into a reading schedule and look what it got me–three blogs and books coming out my ears. LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by ladies.


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