Glamour Girl from the Stars by Carlton Scott

Glamour Girl from the Stars by Carlton Scott is the story of PleeDee, an alien girl who borrows her father’s spaceship to come to earth for the Miss Universe Pageant. After traveling around earth and experiencing different cultures, PleeDee soon discovers she feels good about herself without entering any beauty pageants.

Scott is back with a new book, one that seeks to teach girls about self-esteem. A very important message, but one, that seems a tiny bit lost to me in this story until the last two pages. PleeDee decides to leave her planet to enter the Miss Universe Pageant. She ends  up in the land of dinosuars before making it to Las Vegas in 2010. She then travels to Waikiki, China, Africa, and Rome before reaching her destination, all to find “two skinny women…tugging the same Zero Size Gown…” There are no girls from other planets at the pageant, “Only tall hungry females…”

I couldn’t quite connect the dots to see how PleeDee’s experiences in each of these places translated into her feeling good about herself. Yes, she surfs, meets some lovely animals, walks through Roman ruins, and becomes quickly disillusioned once she reached LA, but how could a young reader figure out those things impacted her self-esteem?

The artwork in this book, however, is wonderful. I love the scenes that Scott created of each place PleeDee stopped, and of PleeDee. She’s one hip looking alien.

Kids will enjoy the space travel and the nifty things PleeDee gets a chance to do on her journey to earth.  I would like to see a more focused message.

Rating:  🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Publisher:  Ends of the Earth Books
  • ISBN:  0-9636652-4-3
  • SRP:  $9.95
  • For more information about this virtual book tour, please visit You can learn more about this author and purchase his books at

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