Iggy the Iguana by Melissa Williams

Get ready for Iggy the Iguana by Melissa Williams. Iggy is nine years old and starting at a new school. It’s hard to move and make new friends. Iggy is one nervous iguana. He’s got an annoying younger sister too. And man does Molly have some outrageous outfits.

But soon Iggy starts to make new friends. He’s got his best friend, Snap Shell, a turtle,  and an off-the-wall cat named Kit Kat. His new teacher is really nice too. There is one tiny problem though–his friend Liz is also an iguana, and Iggy is crushing on her. Oh, and there’s that bully, Buddy the Bullfrog. Seems he’s the principal’s grandson and takes full advantage of that. Not only that, Buddy might like Liz too!

Will Iggy survive fourth grade?

I found a lot to like about Iggy the Iguana. In a fun and engaging way, this book explores the challenges of being the new kid at school, moving into a new place, making new friends, and dealing with people that are different from you.

The cast of characters is as fascinating as the storyline, and readers ages 7 to 11 will be totally captivated by Iggy and his friends. Though I adore Iggy and his circle of new friends, I found his younger sister Molly stole my heart.  One minute annoying and the next cute as a button, it looks like she will continue to be a thorn in Iggy’s side for several more years. I also like that Iggy’s parents play a significant role in this book. Iggy’s dad is a marathon runner. He has a big race coming up that the family turns out to support him in.

My only sticking point is that a good portion of the book deals with Iggy’s crush on Liz. As a parent, I have a hard time trying to imagine a nine-year-old boy having a crush that is strong enough for him to be jealous of the attention another boy pays to a girl. Now, this is a very innocent crush and I’ll admit to being a bit old fashioned in this regard, but I also have an eight-year-old daughter.  Boys are pretty much the farthest thing from her mind, and that doesn’t bother me one bit.  🙂 I think Williams did an excellent job in how she handled this particular aspect of the book, I just didn’t care for it.

The illustrations provided by Kelley Stengle are absolutely charming. I love the cover art on this one. And that picture of Molly in her wedding outfit made me crack up.

Iggy the Iguana is going to be a huge hit with readers. It helps kids appreciate their differences and lets them know that they are not the only ones dealing with certain difficult situations.

Rating:  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Publisher: LongTale Publishing Inc.
  • ISBN-10: 098180540X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0981805405
  • SRP:  $9.99
  • Iggy the Iguana

    Iggy the Iguana is the first book in the Iggy Chapter Book Series for ages 7 to 11. The story focuses on the major themes of acceptance, friendship, and diversity while Iggy starts a brand new school. The transition from a private “all-lizard” school to a public “all-animal” school is eye opening, as Iggy soon accepts that just because other animals are different doesn’t mean they can’t be your friends. By the end of Iggy’s 4th grade year, he realizes that changing schools was the best move he could have ever made!

    Summer League (Sequel)

    Summer League is the second book in the Iggy the Iguana Chapter Book Series for ages 7 to 11. After an exciting school year, Iggy and his friends kick off their summer vacation with some fun in the sun and … baseball! While playing on his All-Star little league team, Iggy faces a very difficult situation that could change his future in sports forever. Iggy learns many valuable lessons during the summer, most importantly, it is not wise to keep secrets from adults and we can’t judge others on the outside.

    Melissa M. Williams is an advocate for literacy and creativity in children. Her children’s chapter books were inspired by real life experiences with childhood pets she owned while growing up in Houston, Texas. While finishing her Master’s degree in Professional Counseling, Melissa started substitute teaching for elementary schools in order to understand the daily life of her young audience. The students helped her create relatable and realistic stories while including lessons, values and acceptance within the story-line. In addition to writing, Melissa spends most of the school year speaking to students about her own journey as an author and the process of creative writing, while encouraging each student to think outside the box, follow their inner passion, and write their own stories.

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    16 thoughts on “Iggy the Iguana by Melissa Williams

    1. Thank you so much for having me on your site today! I can’t wait to hear some of the questions from your readers! We are just waiting to give away some Iggy prizes!

    2. Great review! In visiting schools what is one of the most common questions kids ask you about the Iggy books?

      Barbara Techel
      Award winning author of the Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog Book Series
      My passion is bringing a positive face and voice to animals with disabilities
      Frankie is Official Mascot for National Disabled Pets Day and
      Wisconsin Pet Hall of Fame Companion Dog

    3. Thanks for all of the questions everyone … sorry I had to step away from my computer for so long today. I would love to answer Cheryl’s question about the school visits. Speaking to children and groups has become one of my ultimate favorite parts about being a author. I had to do a count the other day for promotional purposes, and it seems that I have given over 350 presentations in the past two years. I love it because of the reaction I get from the kids, teachers, and the audience. It is so much fun to see schools get so excited about my message and the story. Some of my child reader follow me to different events and stay up to date with everything I do in my Iggy fan club. It is so important to keep my readers involved. I wouldn’t have stories if it wasn’t for them. I believe that children should always have role models, and it has been an absolute treasure for parents to come up to me and share that my words have inspired their kids to write or follow a dream.

    4. @ Morgan … good luck on your endeavors in the wonderful world of children’s books.

      @pumpyourbook … Thank you for the compliments on the Iggy cover. I love my illustrator, Kelley Stengele’s style. To answer your question about publishing … I actually became a publishing before an author. I founded LongTale Publishing back in 2008 and hired my entire creative team to work on the project. I am an entrepreneur at heart, so I never sent my work to another publisher … I did my research and decided that I wanted to have my hands all over this project because it was so dear to my heart. Would I like to work with a huge publisher one day? Of course … I should be exhausted by now, because work never stops, I do this full time and never less than a 60-80 hour work week … but I now know the publishing/marketing/speaking business inside and out, having done it myself. (Yet, I never stop learning.) My dream is to sell my license to the Iggy products and get this lizard and his friends all over the place. But patience is the key to success and God’s timing is everything. This journey has blown me away, and every month has been like a gift to me. I am so thankful that I stayed true to myself and layed the foundation for this series just as I had envisioned it. So many more opportunities have come from getting involved with so many different people in this type of industry.

    5. @ Barb … Kids love to know how long it took me to write the book, or is Iggy still alive, and how many books will I write?

      To answer their questions, I tell them it took me one year to write the first rough draft and over two years to get to the final copy manuscript of Iggy the Iguana. But the story idea has been with me since I was 8 years old … I used to write this book as a kid. Next, no Iggy is not alive anymore. He passed away when I was 12 years old, and it was so sad, but his memory is alive in the book. :O) I plan to write at least 4 books in the Iggy Series and 3 or 4 in the spin off Turtle Town Series. Also, I plan to start writing inspirational and spiritual based books in the future, which was my main reason for pursuing so many years of psychology and counseling school. I starting in the children’s industry first, but will be writing and speaking for the rest of my life, so the possibilities are endless. This is my dream … following your dreams create life energy.

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