Tilly’s Tale by Harry Porter

Children and parents will enjoy Tilly’s Tale by Harry Porter, the heartwarming story of a rescued dog who finds love and a new purpose in life.

When Tilly’s owner becomes ill and is no longer able to care for her, the man’s son brings Tilly to his own house, where she is mistreated by his wife and ignored. Scared and uncertain, Tilly’s life takes an unexpected turn when she is dropped off at the sanctuary and adopted by a new family that includes two other rescued dogs.

Told in Tilly’s words, this is a story of hope restored and one dog’s journey to find love again.

In this well-written, inspiring tale, readers get a glimpse into animal abuse and neglect from a dog’s point of view. That scared me at first, as I was wondering how young people would handle it. I feel the author did an excellent job of showing the reader the emotional ride Tilly finds herself on after her beloved owner falls ill. I believe many of these emotions are ones that children will easily relate to.

Even though, at 8, my daughter is slightly younger than the target market for Tilly’s Tale, which is readers ages 9 to 12, she was able to not only understand what was happening, but also be touched by Tilly’s story.

Tilly’s Tale could also be read as a family, which could open discussions for the level of responsibilities involved in caring for a pet. Your family will cheer when Tilly is adopted by the author and his wife, and once again finds the love and appreciation such a special dog deserves.

Mandy Hedrick provided the illustrations for this book. I couldn’t get over how well she captured the essence of Tilly. If you go out to the author’s website, you’ll find pictures of Tilly, and the many other rescue dogs the author and his wife have brought home. Tilly’s Tale was just voted Best Children’s Book in the Preditors & Editors Reader’s Poll for 2009. The book also received the award for Best Artwork in the Preditors & Editors Reader’s Poll for 2009.

Porter and 4RV Publishing plan to release additional stories of rescued dogs as part of Harry Porter’s Dog Tales series. I look forward to seeing more of these books. 

Tilly’s Tale is one story that every member of your family will love!

Rating:  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Publisher: 4RV Publishing LLC
  • ISBN-10: 0981868592
  • ISBN-13: 978-0981868592
  • SRP:  $10.99

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    14 thoughts on “Tilly’s Tale by Harry Porter

    1. Thank you for such a wonderful review of ‘Tilly’s Tale’. Writing the book was a real labor of love for me, as Tilly is not only the ‘Leader of the Pack’ in respect of the 12 rescued dogs who share my home, but she is also my constant and loving companion who sits at my feet as I write my novels and children’s books. Tilly’s many talents have earned her the respect and admiration of so many people who have met her and I am so leased that her story may well bring awareness to others of the plight suffered by so many dogs in this modern world of ours.Thankfully she is now free of the fear and the loneliness her early abandonment brought to her, though others of her kind are not so lucky. Perhaps Tilly’s Tale will help, just a little…

      Harry Porter
      Tilly’s Tale (And Tilly, of course)

    2. Having had no clue what the story was about I absolutely loved the review. Gave me a good inkling what to expect and being a pet owner – and knowing several children – I think this would be a wonderful addition to their library.

    3. This sounds like a wonderful story and so good to introduce this to children. I think it should be made a felony for anyone to abuse animals and to have a story like this, told by the dog, should be very inspiring to youngsters. I can’t wait to read this myself!

    4. There are some lovely comments here, and I thought you might like to know a little more about Tilly. She was a typical abandoned dog at first, quite wild and unsure of her place in the world or the family.She didn’t even care for other dogs too much when she first joined us. She has since learned to play flyball, is fantastic on the agility course, and has learned the basics of search and rescue work. She is the living proof that time and patience, with the right amount of love and discipline thrown in, can turn a difficult dog into a very happy and well balanced one. Like all terriers she can still be ‘naughty’ and very willful at times, but then, isn’t that what ‘normal’ dogs do?


    5. Vivian and Harry, please feel free to use any of this review for promotional purposes. This is a wonderful story. Harry, thanks for stopping and sharing more about Tilly. She sounds like one special little dog.


    6. Thanks Cheryl That’s very kind of you. Tilly is indeed a little bit special and also a very ’empathic’ little dog. She seems to read my moods and those of other people and will always be first on the scene if she ‘knows’ someone is feeling down or upset. She really is the living proof that abandoned or abused dogs can provide their owners with such devotion and love and, as in Tilly’s case, prove to have real ‘hidden talents’ that simply need nurturing to bring them to the surface. I’d hate to think what might have happened to her if we hadn’t found her when we did, and the same of course goes for all the other eleven rescued dogs who now share our home.

      Thank you once again for your wonderful review of ‘Tilly’s Tale’ and I only hope that it might go some way towards helping people understand and appreciate our canine companions just a little bit better.

      Harry Porter
      Tilly’s Tale (And from Tilly too!)

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